If you’re reaching for the mouse you’re doing it wrong.

Beginners guide to power using

One thing you can learn from attending a coding school as opposed to an online class is ,“IT power rating”, your ability to “use” the computer. You’ll spend a lot of time watching other people code, and having others watch you. Being able to move quickly when you’re asking for help from others will be beneficial to both parties. Knowledgeable programmers don’t want to wait for your pointer to move across the screen while they’re trying to explain things to you.

Web development like any trade has an emphasis on efficiency. There are shortcuts for almost every move you can make with the mouse. Learning some simple shortcuts will be extremely helpful, and will provoke your interest in finding more. It might take a few minutes to memorize some shortcuts but the payoff over time is exponential. Use command/tab, or spotlight to switch between applications, and download this handy cheatsheet app to help get started.

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