How to Land Your First Development Job in 5 Simple Steps
Eric Elliott

Step #1: Unpuff your resume. 
 Keep it to the point, short and simple
Step #2: Practice until you can live code on the spot.
 Real, deliberate practice with laser focus and a game-plan.
 You need to put in about 1,000 hours in coding exercises,
 and another 320 hours or so building real applications.
 Do that, and you’ll be prepared for most of the 
 live coding challenges you’ll face in interviews.
Step #3: Study up.
 Learn each programming language’s features, like closures in JS
 Functional Programming
 Design patterns
 Application architecture
Step #4: Build a portfolio.
 Build & deply large real world apps
 In addition to being a great tool to assess your skill level,
 if you don’t have a portfolio, it will make the hiring manager
 question how seriously you take your development career,
 or how passionate you are about programming. 
 Time to stop making excuses and get it done. 
 This is a great place to put those apps 
 you’re going to build for practice.
Step #5: Work on your people skills.
 know how to:
 make friends, collaborate,
 present yourself well
 Learn and practice empathy
 Empathy is the most important skill for software developers.
 Maybe the most important skill for life. 
 Practice considering other people’s perspective. 
 You’ll build more user-friendly apps and have 
 better relationships with your coworkers and team leads.
 Master your personal elevator pitch
 own, shape, and manage your personal brand

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