why most people don’t achieve their goals and live an average life while some of people do? 
here is a one simple step that very few people take 
that will help you achieve 10,20,30,40 % more of the goals
you want to achieve vs. being stuck & not being able to.

why some people who had goals achieved them and another don’t?
 * 1 action: Cognitive priming: learn how to prime your brain every single day to take the action you should take, find out what are the obstacles you will encounter in the way of achieving your goal create a plan and think about it, and visualize yourself overcoming each obstacle and progressing.
* 1 process: Goup it up: 
 1. set up a goal
 2. write out all the obstacles that come in your way
 3. visualize yourself achieving that goal, the outcomes you want, how would you do it, you will meet obstacles, figure out how you would overcome them and visualize it.