Have you ever wanted to create cards that held detailed information on the back? Well here is how to do so with some CSS magic. Or you can just skip the text and look at the code below.

Inside of your HTML, we need to create a front and back card <div> which would hold the information you want to have for the front and back components. All of this will be wrapped twice, with the outer <div> having a class of “flip-card” and the inner <div> having a class of inner. That’s it for the HTML portion.

Inside of…

As a young developer in an industry with an infinite amount of technology to learn, here’s a list of things that I would like to learn by the end of the year. I’ve separated these technologies into categories, and have given a small explanation on why I would like to learn it.

Understand and be able to use

GoLang: One of the highest paying languages at the moment, GoLang was create by the best engineers hand picked by Google. It is a statically types language that offers “CSP-style concurrency”. Sounds cool, seems great, looks fun.

react-spring: This is an animation library for React. I like animation…

One of the most popular drag and drop libraries for React, react-beautiful-dnd is easy to set up and if it isn’t, it’s well written documentation and video tutorial will surely have you creating intuitive drag and drop components in no time.

My reason for using this library was to continue the next step in my Trello recreation. …

A week ago, a friend of mine asked if I wanted to participate in a Hackathon with him. I said sure, we assembled a team, and on the night before the event began, we roughly sketched out what our goal would be. We planned to design a tool that could predict future rates of data, specifically using the COVID-19 data that is made available by the U.S. Government.

Our end product is here: Submission | Demo

Day of Event:

9:30 AM

We meet up on discord, discuss the finer details of our stack, & prepare for the long day ahead.

While I spend most of my time searching for a developer job, I also spend a considerable amount of time playing with React. At the start of my week, I decided that I want to create a clone of Trello, or at least an MVP.

I broke the app down into small components, and worked on it one by one. Here’s how I made Trello list’s title input field.

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Photo by Christina @ wocintechchat.com on Unsplash

After finishing coding boot camp, I immediately started to apply for jobs. After relentlessly messaging friends in the business & LinkedIn connections, I finally landed my first interview.

In my phone screening, my interviewer figured out that I wasn’t crazy. So he sent me the technical challenge, it was a fun one.

Instead of working through one of the many LeetCode type questions, I was given an assignment to create an application that allowed users to upload a CSV file of sales data. …

After I finished my coding boot camp, one important thing I felt had to be done was to make demo videos for the projects that I created. I didn’t want to spend money on software, so every piece of software here is free.

The three software that I landed on are as follows

OBS Studio: Used for screen recording, this is also advertised as a streaming software. OBS studio is quick to setup and allows for easy scene management (as in, change what windows are being shown without stopping your recording).

Lightworks: Cut and edit your videos and manage the…

While building my portfolio, I decided that a single page React application would be my best bet. Additionally, I wanted a responsive website, something that looked good both on your desktop monitor and a phone screen. To my lack of surprise, there exist already, a bunch of tutorials and templates on the web for exactly what I’m trying to build.

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Proof of statement

I took one and ran with it. I restructured the website, updated the components to no longer render hard coded resume information, made a data file for my components to conditionally render, and the end result looked pretty good. …

Having finished 4 team projects so far with Flatiron, one lesson I’ve learned is that project planning is one of the more important steps, if not THE most important step in any project. It’s the time where we take a vision or idea and manifest it into graphs, designs, lists, etc. Proper project planning can lead to amazing efficiency, while poor planning can lead to detrimental workflow. …

I’ve compiled a list of interesting tools/features for front end JavaScript design. This was set of resources was prepared for my Flatiron MOD3 Project where I attempted to build a live 1v1 code challenge in Vanilla JS.

Links may include documentation and examples.

Design Frameworks: Complete visual frameworks

  • Bootstrap 4: an open source toolkit for developing with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

CSS Flex box: Allows responsive elements within a container to be automatically arranged depending upon screen size.

Drag and Drop: This is a feature that can be implemented through vanilla JavaScript. …

Wesley Chen

Software engineer & former chef

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