WeSchool helps teachers create the most engaging classes ever

Introducing the first platform to blend any content, website or tool into a single learning experience. Not just for schools: three billion-dollar companies are already on board

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International press kit (English, Spanish, Italian):

Milan, May 17th 2016. Oilproject, Italy’s largest online school, launches today “WeSchool.com — Superpowers to the teachers!”, an online platform to engage students before, during and after class with any kind of content and through and through group-work collaboration, video quizzes, games and real-time feedback.

WeSchool (http://www.weschool.com/) — available in English, Spanish and Italian — is the first solution that allows to blend in a single learning experience: collaboration on a Google Doc, interaction on a newspaper article, watching a KhanAcademy video, practising on Duolingo, taking a video quiz, reading a textbook, taking part in an Instagram contest… and any other service available online. All of this without needing to jump from one website to another.

“We are betting on this inclusive and open approach to compete with the major players in the industry such as Google Classroom, Apple iTunes U and Edmodo” — explains Marco De Rossi, the founder of Oilproject and WeSchool.

“We designed an intuitive and clean user interface, perfect also for teachers who are not tech-savvy. More than 2,000 teachers and students were involved in the beta tests and the feedback we received so far has exceeded our expectations.”

WeSchool allows teachers to bring their classes online, manage deadlines and create tests combining 9 different types of questions (from pair the cards to crosswords). The platform — whose € 500.000 development cost was sustained by Venture Capital investors — will be sold to schools and companies with an annual license model.

The educational insight behind the project is that through collaborative and interactive lessons teachers can keep student attention high and improve the effectiveness of their courses. Technology is just an “excuse” to get there.

My high school teachers realised something had not worked only when weeks after a lesson we had a test and the average vote was D-” — continues Marco De Rossi — “Now, with WeSchool, teachers can test their students in real-time, feel the pulse of their class and decide immediately what needs to be explained again. It is no coincidence that my high school in Milan was one of our first clients.”

Where broadband and IT infrastructure are not up to the task, students and teachers can use WeSchool on their smartphones and tablets (BYOD).

“The Western Europe digital learning market is estimated to reach $ 8 billion in revenues by 2016, worldwide it is already worth $ 50 billion.

According to a GSV Advisors report, in the three years from 2012 to 2015 the K-12 digital learning market, which is one of our targets, has shown an annual growth of 50% (CAGR)” — explains Nicolò Ammendola, in charge of WeSchool operations.

“From now on possibilities will keep opening as teaching takes a turn towards collaboration and higher engagement. Companies are at the forefront of this shift: before launching, three billion-dollar companies have already joined WeSchool.”

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