Do you like flying for free?

The BigfootCollective team does too. And we want to help you do it more.

Here are our 4 steps to knocking out your first ever #travelhack and joining the ranks of free fliers.

1. Find yourself a #travelrewards card.

You’ll want to find a card that has a signup bonus, $0 annual fee for the first year, and is partnered with an airline you might use. We recommend the American Express Delta SkyMiles card for our American followers. In addition to a points or ‘miles’ bonus you can score a cool $150 credit toward the purchase of a Delta Airlines flight.

2. Meet the minimum spending requirement.

These will be different for each card, but to get the bonus reward you’ll typically just have to meet a minimum spending requirement (i.e. $1,000 in the first 3 months) to score your reward (i.e. 25,000 airline points or ‘miles’). So if you have a couple of big expenses coming up, grab a new card and let the bonuses add up!

3. Redeem your points for flights (and/or hotel stays).

Here’s the fun part. That huge bonus you just got can be used to book flights. To Hawaii. Or the Caribbean. You name it. You can book a flight (and even snag lodging as well) through your online credit card account.

4. Ditch the card.

There’s always a catch, isn’t there? This is no different. A lot of these cards come with pretty gnarly annual fees after the first year, so if you’re on a tight budget it might pay to cancel the card after 9 or 10 moths and start fresh. Or maybe keep it. Sometimes the rewards are well worth the fee!

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Originally published at on October 26, 2017.

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