It has become irrelevant to count the number of days the president Buhari has been out of the country or for how long he intends to remain in the Queens backyard. What is more important is that the Nigerian state is on life support at the moment, surviving mainly because Nigerians have over the decades come to accept the fact that their government is too useless to be de‎pended on.

In two years Nigerians have been forced to bare the pains inflicted by a man wired to fail with anything directly/remotely connected to governance and management of men, what is even more pathetic is that for over 30 years after his first coming Buhari only got worse, the world moved far away from his view, he collapsed to new ideas while dreaming of getting back to power his primary obsession in the last 12 years, maybe Buhari is a good family man but Buhari is an empty leader who has now decided to relocate abroad. His presidency has not only failed far beyond expectation, it has also been confirmed dead.

If it isn’t surprising that Buhari turned out like this, what is shocking is his supposed ‘guiding angel’ a professor of law, pastor & senior advocate of Nigeria has been nothing other than an unnecessary talking drum, posing for cameras while erecting political barriers for himself. “Osinbade”(apologies to president Buhari) has turned a blind eye to massive cases of corruption happening under his watch under the professor, Nigerians have been given quit notices from their state of residences, all the professor has done is beg these ‘land lords’. In his home state of Lagos calamity reigns supreme. Most recently the ex pastor decided to flex muscles with the senate, I wonder if he realizes he is closer to returning to his godfather and benefactor in Lagos. A man whose pronoucement in the Niger Delta(rightly referred to by a member of the HOR from his state as “mere opinion”) has remained a “sweet tune music”. As proven by Osinbajo some ‘angels’ don’t even know the path they should tread, let alone leading his disillusioned boss aright.

Buhari’s presidency has collapsed. The professor is lost. Nigerians are trapped.

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