Parallel Me

I wonder what I was like on Earth 613,

That one where I felt so free?
 I protested and marched on Freedom Square,
 Ya know, the one that’s not there?
 I wondered how that Journalism degree went?
 Was his parents’ money that was better spent?
 Did I get them that home I always wished I could?
 Instead of writing stupid poems about things that I should?
 I wondered how I must’ve felt,
 Living in another country without the soul I have now?
 Did I take it all in, embraced The Other
 Or did I sneer and wished it crushed and smother?

Did I actually find my fame at an early age?
 Rushed and not caring about all I found sage?
 Filling the empty hole, of not knowing struggle,

With all the material I thought I could love.
 Oh sure, I know I’m no Dalai Lama in the now

But even I see things could be worse.
 Parts of me are still jealous,

Parts of me think its a curse.
 But even still, with my wisdom and knowledge,
 I still can’t see my fate,
 Yes, even you Earth 728,

But I still take some comfort in the chaos.
 I still know that because I think this way of mine
 So too does all the other Wes’, especially you Earth 249.
 Maybe not all as much, but still glancing at voices
 Trying not to focus on all the side ways’ choices.

How do I know which choice was right?
 Which is the one that shines so bright?
 Maybe things are not the same ordinary on Earth 373

And you gotta realize, sometimes its just meant to be.

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