Jealousy, what good does it do?

A characteristic appreciated by none is jealousy. It is a characteristic which is often the culprit for failed relationships and friendships. If you consider others to be your rivals it could lead to a negative tension in the classroom and in the workplace.

It sounds so easy: don’t be jealous. ‘Simply just love yourself and work on your own self-esteem,’ is an advice given quite frequently. I also believe that by lifting your self-esteem to a higher level, by aiming a prayer to God, and having faith that good things in life are heading your way, can help you get rid of this torturous characteristic in difficult moments.

I always believed that jealousy doesn’t occur in perfect relationships until I read a story about a couple in love. They were each other’s best friends. However, they also said that even in their relationship jealousy sometimes appeared. Wow, so jealously can exist even in the most loving relationships, I thought to myself.

It is possible for one partner to be troubled by it a little more than the other. The difference between this couple and couples who did see their relationship fail because of jealousy, is that this couple constantly talked about why they were jealous. For these two communication turned out to be key every single time. Whenever a difficult situation presented itself and one of the two started to develop jealous feelings they immediately started talking about it. They did it so often that, at a given moment, it was no longer an issue, after which they had reached a point in their relationship where neither of them were no longer jealous. Isn’t it amazing that you can achieve this together?

Traditions taught us that less jealousy leads to a good state of health. Other traditions showed us that jealous people are considered to be enemies of religion and the world because these people do not grant the blessings of God to another.

That is why this characteristic negatively influences the practicing of our faith, and the way we live life as free individuals.

Have faith, beautiful things are there for everyone. And about jealousy: work on it, or let it go. Because in the end, it won’t do good to anyone.

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