How Our Small Amount of Remaining Trust in the Establishment is Perpetuated by Hope and Fear at the Same Time — A Case for Progressives to Set Aside Voting-Importance, Voting-Indifference, and How We Must Come Together

I’m loving a vote for Jill Stein because she’s the movement towards the end of suffering. Fuck Capitalism. Fuck Imperialism. Fuck Neoliberalism. Fuck Fascism. Fuck the Oligarchy. Fuck the Corporations. Fuck their lobbying. Fuck pay-to-play. Fuck the Duopoly. Fuck you. Fuck me. Fuck the TPP. Jill Stein can’t win though. She could, but she won’t. So I’d like to vote Hillary to keep Trump from rallying the closet racists together and giving them the freedom to fly their hate-flags high without shame. Sure, Hillary represents all of the fuckery listed above, but Trump is NEXT-LEVEL ORANGE-HITLER. I just have a really good feeling about it. We cannot let that happen.

I hate to insult the people of our country, but it’s really hard not to, when logic is the underlying platform of my sentence structure. I don’t think it’d be too far fetched to assume there will be a day that “We the Sheeple” make the right voting decision entirely by accident, as I’m almost certain that we’re all making the wrong decision based on the exact method of the aforementioned construct. Not that it matters though.

Aside from Trump supporters voting for Trump and Clinton supporters voting for Clinton (both of which seemingly the minority) — I believe it is safe to assume the rest of us are waking up to a moderate level of corruption or at the least, some very questionable morality representing our Duopoly. Are we not long past the threshold of what should be considered “enough exposure” to dismiss certain people from the potential role as president? We ALL get it….we ALL get that we can’t all get on the same page at the same time, vote 3rd party, and just END this non-sense.

Well...fuck! This is just a paradox if I’ve ever seen one… they really got us by the balls. Not cool, one percenters….yall are rude af. This whole “enforce the duopoly” thing… these guys have a lot of bases covered. Bernie would have won primaries…an actual revolution? AND from within??? Nope…Clinton rigs. Sometimes, I put my tin-foil hat on — because I do understand the hat as another oppressive narrative tool used by the elite to suppress free-thinking — and I consider how many steps ahead they really are in the media-driven — invisible — psychological warfare for the minds of the masses. The evidence of their agenda to keep this “democracy” a two-party system is overwhelming. Everything from the privatized organization — owned by Republican and Democratic parties — that draft the qualifications presidential candidates must meet in order to debate in front of the nation (Which really is just a broadcast on all the most well known “news” channels, that are owned by the same large corporations who’s CEO’s happen to donate to the only 2 parties that were allowed to participate), to completely intended censorship and blackout from said news channels of third-party candidates that are literal options for most of the nation to vote for in November.

Aside from a laziness issue with a lot of Americans that do not allow them to become educated by well-respected journalists, alternative media websites, and books; This paradox can be understood if we assume a simple motive, or plan, applied to the people responsible for maintaining this cruel and unjust system. And in order to expose the illusion and reveal it’s clockwork, a similar method of “painting a picture” must be used.

Bernie Sanders preached a revolutionary platform. It was beautiful. It brought an awakening to so many people. Finally, somehow someone made it up on that podium in front of the nation to call it like it is. And even though it seemed like they would either give him no coverage or bad coverage, Bernie got a huge amount of supporters. Like a lot….like almost could have won the primaries. So then he takes the most logical approach against someone with a track record representative of a completely opposite agenda regarding economic justice and human rights than his own — he endorses her. Not just once or twice either. He’s joined her campaign and tours with her. Bernie preaches that she is the way to go, and that “this is not the time for a protest vote,” aiming exclusively at third-party. All while Hillary preaches a platform more forgiving of her past and similar to Jill Stein’s platform, pertaining to the equality and fair treatment of all people. She does leave out some of the more juicy stuff though, most of the time — like mention of the importance to stop TPP, or explaining the establishment and how big corporations have control over politics and that their agenda is profit in money and resources. Really, she doesn’t need to address these already-exposed-as self-contradictory points to redeem herself…but why not?

The name of the game this election cycle is all roads lead to Hillary. The route to get there is of no importance, and re-visiting contradictions to excuse her past does not help her more than simply saying she has changed her mind. When examining the game-plan of the elite, the wit is almost so slick that it is discouraging. In fact, Hillary now has many real progressives voting for her.

That’s not what she wants though. And that’s not what really matters…

I admit I don’t fall into this specific progressive group, but a lot of people do. To me, Trump is just a rich pretentious asshole that has represented the corporate side of the establishment, while not even very efficient in the game. He didn’t bomb or kill any innocent people…he just screwed a lot of people over financially in what seems like any way his small brain could imagine. He’s outsourced his production jobs (a point he makes, that must be stopped, in the debate). He created a bullshit minimally funded “University” that took a huge amount of money from the elderly that he targeted, and promised them an education in real-estate-which was under-delivered. So much that he is still dealing with a class-action lawsuit over it. And he does seem an uncomfortably large amount of scary-Hitlerish — something that might make one do a complete 180.

Hmm.. What other way could we have gone? Already having felt guilt for not being successful financially? Or feeling the pressure to fully support our troops because it was their very real lives at stake for every drop of freedom that we should be so-very-grateful we get a taste for. How could it be any easier understanding our endless fishbowl home after we recited our pledge of devotion to America everyday as children, and now glorify Chris Kyle as a hero? Still, our opposition of Trump and migration to Clinton was not the most important part of this election. Not to the elite.

So what the flying fuck is going on??? What is their approach????? Why am I endlessly confused?????? I’ll tell you my theory…

This entire election process, under the well-known control of the Oligarchy, was aimed at exposing, transforming, suppressing, discouraging, distracting, dismissing, and dividing the free-thinkers movement towards a revolution by keeping us occupied trying to expose the elitists bullshit to the brainwashed, organize and group together our “small” independent movement, and focus on getting others on our side in the name of making the right VOTE. Basically everything under the sun to keep us distracted from one important thing that they don’t want us to realize. Our vote is the last invisible wall protecting the illusion of democracy. If they were to tell us one day that we can no longer vote at all, then what’s really left? Would they continue to tell us we’re the most free country in the world?

It was not unknown to the elites before this election period that these establishment-abolitionists had surged in recent years. The elite do not allow themselves to stay unaware of the status-quo during non-election years. And the elite provide for us what they want us to believe the status-quo is. So, how exactly do they keep us from realizing our true numbers, swaying some of us to actually vote Duopoly, while simultaneously enforcing the illusion of voting-importance so that when the chosen candidate wins, it looks legitimate? A well devised and well timed strategy, a screenplay of sorts acted out as a reality.

To look at what’s happened thus far as a plan:

First they get a track-recorded warmongering, Democratic candidate to appeal to the third-party “voters” by preaching a revolutionary platform, and change from “within” the system while giving the illusion that they aren’t giving him coverage. Then have him drop out and endorse Clinton. This plant serves two purposes: It would round up the massive amount of people that oppose both Duopoly representatives for obvious reasons, and would also lasso the newly-awakened independent voters, all to send the way of Clinton — right back into the arms of the established system. This would however have an obvious backfiring effect which might seem counter-productive to Hillarys agenda. Major debating and arguments among Jill Steins supporters took place over theactual intent of Bernies campaign-effectively dividing us, and distracting us from focusing on our end-goal. We literally took a step back in progressive mentality as a result. Waking up from this, a more solidified illusion that this is indeed a race for president, no matter how unfair, because we now have evidence Hillary cheated, making Bernie seem legitimate. Would Hillary really sacrafice such a negative publicity stunt to enforce her plan. Does she trust her plan to this extent? It would appear Clinton HAD to cheat to get the nomination to avoid “fair vote tallies” giving the nomination to Bernie. While this really would give it to Bernie if the votes really did favor him, it aint gonna happen because the plan never called for it. The end of the script is unavoidable because it was written from the beginning. See, every single event and outcome that is shown to us serves two purposes that will continue giving the establishment power. It is giving the anti-establishment movement false-hope — “Every vote counts” (Everyone argue votes and shame non-voters) disguised cleverly as the seemingly real push for certain demographics votes by the Rep/Dem candidates. And it is building a “support” under our belief of what democracy we “may” still have (our votes) by playing on our fears of having no control at all. This is almost metaphorical to our flaws as human beings, and our hesitancy to explore ourselves fully. Our tendency to deny realizations about ourselves because facing them threatens our entire foundation that keeps us sane and defines us, a foundation that we’ve built since childhood.

The elites chosen Queen would runs against the “Savior” plant. An obvious hatred is to be expected toward her, as most people are third-party and has her exposed in the light. The elite will simply continue to push the Republican/Democratic 2-party “race” through our national media. This will enforce and continue the illusion that we have the majority of people brainwashed into the Duopoly. The media would continuously and persistently throw poll results on the television that’s numbers will show Trump and Hillary leading the other 2 independent candidates, or not even include the other candidates at all, and just take turns having Reps/Dems in the lead. Hell, they can even have those two wear the opposite colors of their respective parties during the first big debate! Whatever bounces the brain back and forth between Hillary and Trump, like a ping pong ball. Whatever distracts, dismisses, or discourages our movement to overthrow the establishment. It’s not the votes they’re worried about, it’s the idea itself they aim to kill. They will relentlessly print the narrative of “Voting for the lesser of two evils.” They will host segments depicting Hillary as negative, and vice versa. It doesn’t matter. We are mostly third-party, remember? Only the minority brainwashed is voting for the lesser of two evils. As long as ALL people still believe their vote matters, this will create the opportunity for the public to blame themselves or each other after the election (If we’re divided we aren’t together) They could even say that there were more options than those two candidates, after the fact. Wouldn’t that be some bullshit?

Finally the Republican nomination, Donald mutha fuckin’ Trump. This guy… This fuckin’ guy… “Oh helllll no” (Fuck…don’t fall into their trap) “But, oh HELLLLLLLL NO!” (SHIT WTF DO I DO) “Nope, not happening.” Wait…Everyone thought it was a fucking joke that Trump was running for president. I bet the first time someone told you, or you read it, you dismissed it as “eh, that’s just people talking…of course this rumor would spread.” Guess not though. Trump is dead serious. The elite love Trump, and it’s not because that on the off-chance that Hillary loses he still protects the interest of big corporations, capitalism, and imperialism. There is no “Hillary loses.” The Trump scare-card plays on you’re average joe — smart, but not politically educated and corrupt-system realized. There are a lot of them. Focused, hard-working, good people, that don’t quite pay attention to politics. A lot might even be wise to a lot of the political lies, but haven’t fully given themselves to the unsettling paradox that is at hand. They vote Hillary, because the dudes a clown of a candidate — A complete racist egotistical money hungry fake joke.

In my “Loony, tin-foil hat wearing” opinion, Jill Stein is only allowed to run because they can use her. If there wasn’t a green party candidate, they’d probably just cover that side of the spectrum and public thought too (almost convinced that’s what Gary Johnson is for, an independent candidate for the Libertarian party, but also exposed as a corporate-bought puppet and the only candidate dumb enough to publicly support the TPP). They are allowed, able, and do paint Jill Stein however they want to (Which is usually the “Loony anti-vaccine woman”). And that’s only when they want to. The rest of the time they don’t mention her at all. It enrages us that the only REAL, FAIR, LOGICAL candidate not only get’s completely ignored, but smeared as a lunatic. Now we want more than anything to rally our people to vote for her and for Gods sake wake the others up to her revolution.

The “Green Party sway to Clinton” is the last step, and last launched tactical manipulation project of the elite. And you’ve been witnessing it the past 2 weeks. It almost ties everything together at once. “A vote for Third-Party is a wasted vote”, “A vote for Jill Stein is a vote for Trump”, and the newly effective “Now is not the time to protest-vote.” These narratives completely darken the lines that paint Trump as the scare, Hillary as the logical decision, and Third-Party as the “minority with no chance” or “simply a protest in opposition to voting the lesser two evils” as if Jill Steins platform never really appealed to us. They got everyone and their mother in on this one. Anyone that had a name people would recognize were quoted using these phrases in a massive wave of articles and news broadcasts. It’s still not over. This was the final act of the Oligarchy’s script, and their plan worked masterfully. Hillary emerges “Winner of the debates” and I soon expect to see Trump drop below her in the Mainstream medias polls. (Before article was published but after written I have just today seen a poll representing this)

At the end of the day, the targeted demographic of progressives are divided, a lot of which literally surrendering their “vote” back to the duopoly. The remaining majority are very discouraged in their fight for a Green-party win and constantly fighting off rhetorics of vote-shaming. There are far too many Trump and Hillary supporters to awaken and progressive sell outs to argue with, to simply find time to remember that even though we know the elite have control, they STILL do.

Now think back and assume that the elite aren’t this many steps ahead of us. Well in my opinion it’s no matter now if they are or aren’t. The fact is they created the gamble that we all take. Fact is they can tell us whatever they want. And the fact is most importantly, that history shows they don’t exactly show any integrity or remorse when it comes to taking what they want.

As we all go to our employers to earn our survival that we deserve and are oh-so-grateful for, we’re reminded in our spare time that our spare time won’t be used organizing with others because there aren’t many others out there that are awake to economic and social injustice. Remember, the idea of the elite screenplay is to prevent third-party anti-capitalists from realizing their power in numbers. The elites biggest fear, possibly bloated and somewhat paranoid, is our power-in-numbers and their potential loss of control over us.

The more players and perspectives in the game — the more sides there are to argue from — the more distracted we are from realizing the ultimate illusion and lie pushed by the elite…that is the rebirth of our awakening to the Oligarchy, and self-accepted realization that our votes make no difference. Our votes are the last remaining construct that represent hope, while subconsciously to us, a threat of deep-rooted fear . But for the establishment, it is the LAST line of defense against any other potential form of revolutionary change, albeit it is the heaviest secured and insured. If we want change, the first step is to realize our brothers and sisters beside us in this fight. We have the numers.

We must assemble, educate, organize, plan , and eradicate. Who can’t afford to keep playing their game? How long will we put the blame on the other people as a wrongful votes or voter choice, and not the establishment itself for it’s murderous greed? The only people still arguing are the ones that aren’t dead.