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Content that Matters

Weslee Trout
Jun 1, 2017 · 3 min read

To be honest, there are a ton of articles these days on ‘how to produce the best content’, ‘the definitive guide….’, and a bunch of stuff that really doesn’t answer the simple question “What content really matters to a customer?”.

Believe me, when I say this, posting daily doesn’t always bring in the best results. Quality over quantity is always the route to go. Don’t just do what these so-called experts tell you to do. Strategies that were successful for other businesses won’t necessarily work for yours.

A review of your business model, product, mission, goals, and other items will be the basis of a perfectly-crafted digital strategy. The digital strategy of Heineken won’t necessarily work for Krispy Kreme or Coca-Cola.

What it doesn’t have to be:

I have read several posts that tell you that posting every day is the key to engaging with your customers/followers. That is not entirely true. You could be posting every day but your content sucks, which wouldn’t improve engagement at all.

This is another ‘lie’, you don’t need to post 2,000-word articles or whatever. You need to post quality content. So-called experts say that Google looks at long content as quality, that isn’t true. Google isn’t that dumb. Whether it is 500-words or 5,000-words, it is all about being original and giving value.

Others say that you should focus on articles like “Top 5 Destinations in Asia that you should Visit”, again that isn’t entirely true. Those may work for many, but lists don’t apply to all industries and businesses.

It’s all about being original. Followers, customers, and potential customers can tell if your content is real or not. Gary Vaynerchuk is awesome at producing original content, he’s mastered this and, could be considered, the originality king.

If you own the business, or if you just manage the content/digital marketing, you should know what your brand is all about. Take advantage of that, just because nobody else produces content that you have in mind doesn’t mean it won’t work. Think of how your product can be used, why someone should buy it, how it can help them, etc.

Every business has a goal, and I’m not talking about sales. Your business goal could be “Better customer service will result in better word-of-mouth advertising and more loyal customers.” If it is something around improving customer experience, how would you reach that goal through your content? By producing the right content, you can give your customers a better experience.

At the end of the day, you’ll know what type of content your followers like, and you’ll be able to easily adapt to it. Try different tones, different content types, different approaches, from there you’ll have a better view of what you should be producing.

People may approach you and tell you you are doing it wrong, that’s normal, they want to make money. If someone approaches you and tells you to have you can improve, listen to what they have to say, it may be helpful.

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