The Ashes and Cricket Legacy:

Beginning of The Ashes is very satirical and unusual too when England lost to Australia in test match of 1882 at The Oval, which was first win for Aussies on English Soil made a huge impact on cricket fans and media as well. The Sporting Time, which was the most circulated sports paper, made sarcastic obituary that, ‘English Cricket had died, and the body will be cremated and the ashes taken to Australia’, this was the moment from where ‘The Ashes’ has become an important event in Cricket.

On the other hand, England was also fully prepared to revenge and won Couple of test matches out of three Tests. One important thing is also notable in this whole scenario is ‘Urn’.When England was defeated, he was English Captain Ivo Bligh, who vowed to regain those ashes and he made it.

Since then, Ashes is a cornerstone of Cricket perhaps it will not be an injustice that Cricket and Ashes are parallel to each other.

This Test series has passed through many phases,tro-&-fro and Ups — down.But, I will discuss few notable ones here:


It was the era when English Cricket team dominated and won most of the test series and when W.G.Grace become the captain of English side it won series 2–1, which became the mark of longest Ashes dominance by riveting English Cricket Team.


But, these five years were the revival for Australian players as their hardworking and intelligent planning paid off. It was the time when many best player from Australia emerged on international cricket scenario such as Warwick Armstrong, Hugh Trumble, and Ernie Jones, etc.


It was the time when Australian Cricket Team became more stalwart and stronger on paper and pitch too. Allan Border (Australian Captain), introduced many young players such as Mark Taylor, David Boon, and Steve Waugh. While, English team which was led by David Gower. But, this was the time when Australia reached an apogee of perfection and mastery. Aussie players were at their very best in the 1990s and early 2000s. If you look statistic, then Australia has an incredible impact. From 1989 to 2005, both teams played 43 Tests, out of which England won 7, Australis 28 with 8 drawn matches.


Test series that was played in 2005 was most memorable one as Sports Journalist ‘Richie Benaud’ rated it as most exciting and convincing series of all times.But, most matches of this series was severely affected by rain, but England wins this series after 18 years at home.In 2006–07, Australia successfully made with 5–0 victory. In 2009, these two titans clashed together again, where England again wins series incredibly.

From 2010 to 2013, both teams have shown versatility and sportsmanship with a jaw-dropping performance.

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