What have I done?

This is a collection of interesting projects I’ve been part of throughout my career.


As a disruptor in the real estate business, Haus wants to help people sell and buy their homes with as little friction as possible, without the need of an agent.

As a technical leader for the Work & Co team in charge of providing a redesigned experience, I’ve applied technologies such as React, Apollo and GraphQL, which allowed fast and constant deliveries.

Philz Coffee iOS App

Philz Coffee provides a personal coffee shop experience for its customers in over 45 locations across the US. It’s known for an intimate experience, where baristas go the extra mile to provide the best coffee brew possible.

Work & Co was hired to translate that experience into a mobile application. As part of the Philz team, I’ve worked with React Native components and provided payment integration with Stripe and Apple Pay, for a seamless user experience.


Aesop is a unique international brand in the skin care business. They’ve hired Work & Co for a complete redesign of their e-commerce website, to make it modern, elegant and clean.

As part of the technology team from the beginning I was able to shape the front end infrastructure, allowing the project to scale in an organized way.

The project used modern technologies such as React, ES2015 transpiled with Babel, PostCSS and webpack, despite numerous restrictions from the chosen back end platform.

Aesop’s redesign was chosen as the Outstanding Achievement Winner in the Website Category of the 2018 HOW International Design Awards.

Booking.com for Business

Business travel is a key focus of Booking.com, a company whose mission is “to help leisure and business travelers, whatever their budgets, easily discover, book, and enjoy the world’s best places to stay.”

Booking.com for Business is a set of free tools that help small to medium companies manage their reservations and generate reports. I was part of the team that created and maintained the tool.

Front in Amsterdam

In 2015, I got together with a brilliant group of developers and designers to organize a conference to promote front-end technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and UX Design.

We had an incredible line up of speakers and hundreds of attendees on a one day event at the Tobacco Theatre in the heart of Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Scup.com Redesign

Scup is the biggest social media aggregator in Latin America, helping connect companies with their customers via Twitter, Facebook and other platforms.

In 2014, I developed the front and back ends of their website, which was massively redesigned, using modern technologies while keeping it simple and fast.


In 2013, Brazil’s politics were going through a convoluted period, where several protests were taking the streets. That was when I created Palavrômetro (as in wordmeter), an online tool that showed real time Facebook search results using a grid format.

This was a pet project to apply some interesting APIs, such as Facebook Graph and IndexedDB.

The site got mentioned by Meio Bit on June 2013. It is currently offline.


A huge project from Univision on 2012 was a bet on making their entire programming available online. UVideos was a complete online portal that merged all important features of a video player — indexing, searching, wish lists, resume playback — with a unique design and user experience.

I was part of the team that developed the entire front end solution from scratch, integrating with several third party companies that provided the two underlying players, search engine, among other features.

Prefixo 9

Phone numbers in Brazil, specially mobile, have a complicated history. Running out of numbers to distribute forced the regulatory agency to increase the number of digits a phone number would have, multiple times.

In 2012, mobile phone numbers started receiving an extra prefix, which happened gradually across the years, depending on the geographic area the phone line was assigned to.

Because at the time I was personally relying on Google Contacts, and all available tools were paid for, I decided to develop Prefixo 9 (“Prefix 9” in Portuguese), an online tool that reads

It is still heavily used to this day, and it was mentioned by Tecnoblog, one of the biggest names in technology news in Brazil.

MTV Video Music Brasil awards

The MTV Video Music Brasil (also known as VMB) was the biggest music award ceremony in the country, and the most important day for the TV channel.

During the years of 2011 and 2012, I was part of the team that developed and coordinated the live streaming website and the online voting platform.

In the months preceding the event, the public was allowed to vote on their favorites. Custom developed CAPTCHA systems and hidden security features were fundamental to guarantee the votes were legitimate.

During the awards, the entire MTV website became the live streaming version of the event, with live video, multiple live blogs and online chat rooms. It was a huge challenge to develop such a high traffic system, involving high performant databases and aggressive caching strategies.

MTV Brasil Video Encoder

One of the biggest challenges for TV channels is to get their video content available online in different qualities, as soon as possible, and in an easy manner for the producers.

I was part of the team that developed the complete video solution for MTV Brasil back in 2011, where content was fed automatically to the system, which encoded it into various formats for their website, smart TVs and YouTube. It also allowed program producers to provide metadata and extract smaller clips.