An Open Letter from a Black Man to His White Family in a Moment of Violence
rad fag

America is a young nation that is built by Black slaves and whites slaves but the Black Africans have done 95% of the hard labor; suffered 95% of the brutality, genocide, and humiliation by the hand of terrorist who sold them to plantation owners as machines to work on plantations; with the sole purpose of making plantation owners rich men. …Out of Black Africans slave labor; world trade was created, banking was created, massive wealth was created, machinery was created…. In other words Black Africans slave labor have created a modernized world, in addition, in this new diaspora called the Americas the ancestors of millions of African slave; should own at least 1/3 of the wealth in West because it was their grand parents whose force labor created all of the wealth in the West. After all, the Black African SLAVE LABOR HAVE CREATED A CIVILIZE WORLD…….The slogan Black lives Matters is a big disgrace to the Corporations of the West because all of those Corporations should gladly and willing want to shear the wealth that was obtained Directly from Black African SLAVE labor. Then again, if it was not for African muscle power in the Americas there would be nothing called Corporation nor world Banking.

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