If you lot where so smart, you would have created wealth for yourselves also.
Olatunji Jesutomisin

I will not wast my time bickering with you about a subject that you knows nothing about…………African American did developed a few major business of their own and those businesses were thriving but those thriving African Americans businesses were burnt to the grown along with hundreds of people. African American people have been neglected and theorized from day one of landing in America until this day of our Lord……….This Mr. Olatunji Jesutomisin who also talks about main Land Africa are totally misinformed about what is really taking place in Africa he should read a book by the name of the Reached Earth by Francis Fannon ………….I have met a French Man who was attending UCLA university he told me that Africa is still fully control by Europe and other foreign countries who uses Africa for raw resources ………….He also claimed that all African leaders or puppets of foreign Governments… I am not in this world to put down other men like myself ……My aim is to talk about fairness;Because every woman and every man have a right to live on God’s earth in peace and enjoy the fruits of God”s creation….. No Man nor no woman have the right to oppress God”s people.No so — call leader is a Go; all humans live a very short life and then die.

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