It’s Not About Race!
John Metta

The answer to African people Problem around NON AFRICAN is to do as the Jews did in 1946; they migrate out of Europe….. I believe my idea is possible. A small group of all the people in this new Diaspora, from African descendant in the WEST; must go over to Africa and make concessions with one of the rulers who control countries the size of the Congo… Then purchase the land and ask the U S to create a modern country that will accommodate 20- 30 million people then we can start the migration for the people who want to leave to get away from the under cover Fascist laws that are set up by Slave Master for Black People in the West …Majority of Black People are still suffering from the Slave Masters..Legacy.

I will use the street term; Black People Get real; the families who inherited the wealth from Slave Master brutality and Scamming and violence against African American African, West Indians African, Brazilian Africans will not give freedom to the Africans ancestors we the Black people in the West; even though these NEW Slave Master Know that is the Africans Slaves Sweat, muscle, and deaths create this new world that we all live in that is called the Americas…This is what Bob Marley said about the Black Africans who were brought by Traffickers to the New World.

Bob Marley said; Today the Oppressors says we the Black People are Free but they have us all chained in poverty…O God; Those Oppressors are illiterate because is only a machine that makes money. But I say they are not illiterate they are Fascist.

Black People in the West must stop quarreling with their oppressors and act………Find a country to migrate to just like the Jews did in 1946.

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