On Being a Black Man

This confusion of Black Man and White Man was criminally cooked up at the League of Nations in Europe back in the 18-teen hundreds, by crazy men who were totally ignorant of other human who did not look like them… and when these crazy men came in contact with other men on new continents; mass confusion set in….. Then the conquerors would invent names like Negroes, yellow men , this name and that name. … Haile Selassie I; of Ethiopia was the only man on earth who when to the league of nations and address the criminal intent of the madness of changing people into Race and COLOR. Haile Selassie I; condemned the idea and call it madness….. Besides I herd that there was one English man also who called the idea anti- God; he also claimed that those men in the League of nation who were responsible for such UN- Godly action were insane Men …. Then all of the oppressive nations at the time who were part of the League of nations join in on the supremacy ..The Russian would call them- selves… Slavic, France and England called themselves white, Germany called themselves super white the master Race…………I do not pay the biggest LIE that ever invented much attention because I know there is no such thing as a white man nor a Black Man nor a yellow man…..All men are men; and must be identify by the region of earth where they are found. …Rightfully men must be identify as Africans. Europeans, Asian and all of the other regions of the earth where they were found. Bob Marley said Live If You Want to live and be careful of ism and schisms because they are all man made.

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