I grew up in Africa. Don’t be sorry for me.
Naofal Ali

What is a Dam Shame and disgrace about the Propagation of Africa as the most destitute place on earth………………The players who white wash African with mockery and degradation have used African People and African resources to en-rick their countries…………Furthermore; The AMERICAS AND THE CARIBBEAN ISLANDS; all of these countries were turn into nations from the trafficking of Africans to do free labor….Then the scammers who scam the lands from the aboriginal people in the U S A; have the nerves to use Religion and the bible to force the Africans into slavery.

An example of this, the olden days traffickers made a criminals of God

If we the people on Planet earth were civilize and think with our own brains we would know the truth about why Africa- a continent were striped of her people by TRAFFICKERS; to built new nations for non- Africans…..ON THE OTHER HAND, those same traffickers paid politicians to paint themselves as the good guys and tarnished the Africans as crazy CRIMINALS who willfully destroy Africa.

The system in Europe and U S and other develop countries called themselves First World Countries . IN THE NEXT PLACE DON’T ALL FIRST WORLD PEOPLE SHOULD KNOW THAT Africa WAS COLONIZED BY EUROPE.

Consequently the colonizers turn the Africans on the continent of Africa; into slaves in Africa…… Come on people, God give you all a brain………..The reason why Africans are mired in poverty and diseases for the last 600 years African are control by Non Africans Barbarians.

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