Why did the U. S. Corporations choose to flood the U. S. A. with foreigners who have not shed a drop of blood sweat nor tears to built America

Right after the Civil rights agreement was pass by the U S government in 1964 to give African American full civil rights to thrive as U S citizens; all hell break loose in the country…. President Nixon visited China in 1970……then boom after Mr. Nixon returned from China; not to far down the road, plans were put into motion to ship Billions of a American Jobs to China. Furthermore, was Mr. Nixon move an accident or the U S corporate plans to use unemployment to criminalize African Americans and keep a large majority them locked up in prisons…..Donald Trump have mention in his 2nd presidential debate that dam near 40% of young African American people are unemployed. So there you have it…. A people who have built the U S A out of a forest are receiving their payments by filling up prison cells, mental institutions, mass homelessness… and pernicious poverty…………..Ever person on planet earth must search their heart, the question is; are they willing to be rule by Satan’s plans or by God’s plan…….It is wrong to pick out a group of people in any nation and scapegoat them and criminalized them as enemy of the STATE.