Push Digital Just Leveled Up And I Love It.

For the past couple of weeks, my team has been teasing the world with elements of our rebranding process and I’m so stoked to announce that our new website and branding package are finally LIVE. It’s done. It’s badass. It’s beautiful. It’s clean. Go take a look. Right now! GO. I mean it. Click here.

Ah, there are just no words for how much I love Push Digital’s new experience. And that’s exactly what this exercise was — an experience. From beginning to end, for everyone involved, this whole process was an experience. Not to take away from the magnitude of what our creative and production teams accomplished in the last couple of months, but this kind of touches on something I’ve talked about a lot when it comes to being an entrepreneur.

For a long time, practically since the beginning, I was the only one who produced the content. Here and there I had help, but it’s something I have taken ownership of and something I just plain like to do. Doesn’t hurt that I’m pretty damn good at it either. However, I thoroughly believe that content is the driving force behind the Push Digital machine. Even our business development plan practically thrives and survives on it. Recently, I’ve taken a bit of a step back from the Push Digital content calendar to focus on my personal stuff. Was it hard as hell (because this company is my baby)? Bet your ass it was. But from the mouth of an entrepreneur, who always has business on the brain, this is the single biggest step towards real growth.

You don’t just add an account manager here or a developer there. Your goal should be to surround yourself with people who care about what you’re trying to do as much as you do. Do I always feel like that is the case? If I’m being totally honest, no. But to me, this rebranding process reinforces in my mind that Push Digital is the company that I’ve always wanted it to be. Also, I’m truly surrounded by people who actually freaking care. It’s days like today that just make all the stress of being an entrepreneur 100% worth it.

Back to the internal accolades, I just want to throw some serious credit to every single pair of hands that helped on this project. It started out with a company-wide survey that trickled into several brainstorming sessions. And then once the foundation was laid, my crew got to work. The creative team made design magic, developers coded their butts off and account managers created content calendars. So here we are today… looking at a bomb new website that encompasses everything I’ve ever envisioned for Push Digital.

How can you have anything but POSITIVE VIBES?


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