Pushing Positive Vibes On Everyone We Meet

We’re knife fighters. It comes from our political background. We work hard. We work fast. We get shit done. Here’s a video all about our culture. I hope you’ll watch it.

But here’s the thing — that political background gives us the ability to operate at a different level than most agencies, but it can also hurt us. Politics is extremely negative. There’s a lot of drama. Everyone is trying to cut everyone else’s throats. It’s Game of Thrones on crack. Look, the corporate world is like that too, but politics is politics.

Negativity can harm morale. It can be downright depressing. And that’s the big problem — low morale and depression dramatically decreases creativity (unless your Van Gogh or Ernest Hemingway, but we don’t want our staff offing themselves).

That’s why you’re hearing so much about POSITIVE VIBES. In our line of work, we can’t just talk about it. We have to live it. Everything we do at Push Digital is about positivity. We force fun into our meetings, our calls, on our staff and even on our clients. Hell, our agency is literally inside of a brewery for this exact reason.

We believe that when we’re having fun and smiling, our brains are stimulated and they’re working harder and more creatively. We see it in our strategies. We see it in our designs. We see it in our videos. We see it in our results.


Check out this new video and hear from our staff on why we push POSITIVE VIBES.