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Recently, I sat down with Kenyon for his Zero Xcuses podcast and he asked me what’s up with all the POSITIVE VIBES all over my social media accounts. The answer is simple. It’s to cast away the cesspool of negativity that’s surrounding me and killing my mood and the productivity of my team.

For the last several years, I’ve been a shamefully unhappy person. It sickens me to think about it because this kid from the ghetto has so much great shit to be thankful for. My smoking hot wife, my beautiful baby boys and all of my entrepreneurial enterprises. I am #blessed beyond being.

Many of you reading this will understand but as an entrepreneur… my work isn’t just Monday through Friday from 9 to 5. My mind is always thinking about high-level strategy for my clients. Are we going to make payroll? What’s the flip is up with our office expansion? My mind is a business machine 24/7 and 365.

I’m unhappy because I am surrounded by literally so much effing negativity. The news is negative. Facebook is negative. And even our clients can be negative — which makes my employees negative. This is unfortunate because often times I find myself bringing my negativity home, which is not ok.

Here’s the catch: it’s still my job to grow audiences. For our political candidates and advocacy clients, we work to attract more followers, and then to push (get it?) those people to action — to volunteer, to vote, to donate, to contact a legislator, to side with us on a bill. Makes sense?

We do this with creative content that gets people interested and involved. And you want to know what isn’t working? Positivity. What works? Anger. The current state of American politics is depression inducing negativity. Sure, we could do an ad or write a blog supporting our troops overseas. People love a good soldier coming home story, but right now the new rhetoric is anti-immigration, building dystopian-style walls, and slapping sex scandals in people’s faces.

It’s sad, but it’s true — right now, everything that works online is negative. Because right now, that’s what the people want. And it’s hurting me deeply to serve it up and to be a participant in an atmosphere of vitriol. I did not get into this business to be a fear monger. But there is a HORRIBLE negative vibe in this country right now — and it’s been coming from both sides for some time now.

So, I’m putting my foot down. If news and political strategies ain’t changing, I sure as hell am. For my health, for my office’s aura, and most importantly for my family. I encourage everyone else (and myself) to give off ONLY positive vibes. I start each day that way. I hope and trust and believe things will change. Yes. Change for the better.

I’m positive about it.

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