Running Wild by Bobby O’Donnell

Wesley Donehue
Jul 24 · 2 min read
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I’ve set some big fitness goals for the next few years. I want to complete a full IRONMAN triathlon. Yes, I officially did but the swim was cancelled and I’m still bummed about it. I want to complete the six marathon world majors — New York, Chicago, London, Boston, Tokyo and Berlin. I’ve already knocked out NYC and Chicago. We were all paid up and schedule for Berlin this year and then COVID happened. Then there’s the biggie — a marathon on every continent. After the world majors that will still leave Australia, Africa, South America and Antarctica. Yes, a marathon in Antarctica. It’s going to happen.

Bobby O’Donnell decided to explore the world the same way so he set out on a journey to run a marathon on every continent. His was a journey of healing after developing PTSD following the Boston Marathon bombing. He was physically uninjured but close enough to the finish line to be mentally scarred.

Along his journey he changed. Seeing the world does that to a person. Meeting new people from different cultures does that to a person. Losing friends, as he does during his journey, changes a person.

I loved his stories. I could imagine myself running through the ice of Antarctica or along the base of Mount Kilimanjaro. He faced all the same woes we runners know well along with the struggles of anyone who has ever backpacked across different countries, staying in hostiles and couch surfing through the kindness of strangers.

This book was for me, a man who wants to see the world by running through it. I could not relate to the PTSD struggles but I know a lot of you would. This would be a great book for you.

I was eager before but now I’m even more inspired and ready to get back to big marathon adventures. If we could just get this damn pandemic out of the way.

#59in2020 #50booksin2020

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