See What It’s Like Working For Push Digital

I love Instagram Stories. It’s my go-to social platform. Sure, they stole the idea from Snapchat. But hey, the users are on Instagram. That’s where all my friends play. Friends + Awesome Feature = My Time.

We’ve decided to use Insta Stories to show you exactly what it’s like working for Push Digital from the perspective of each and everyone of our teammates. We’re turning over the account to a different Pusher every week day.

Want to know what it’s like being an account executive, an advertising expert, a designer, a videographer? How about what it’s like being the CEO (which you can do today if you’re reading this on May 2nd)? Would you like to know what it’s like taking four different flights to do a one-day video shoot in Iowa (yesterday’s story)?

Just open up your Instagram app, follow @pushdigitalinc and click on our story.

Get to know our team, our culture, and our work. We’d like to get to know you too.

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