Terry Fox.

I was sitting in my room as I often as I do,
pondering life as I always am, too often confused
And I don’t really know what compelled me to press play on my computer screen,
but I am glad I did because as often as I speak of it,
it made the path a little bit narrower too my crazy dreams
…and I hope it enlightens you as it did me..
His name was Fox, Terry preceding the last,
An amazing man both now and in a time that already has passed,
because in his past time he was like us all,
A school kid actually less than average, but he would continually get up ten times out of the nine times he would fall
And life was good for him, until cancer hit…a different man he would be
but would what life threw at him ensue a bleak destiny…?
So to stop the cancer they had to amputate his leg before he was even 21,
with circumstance like his what might you have done?
His life then a short race, racing against time, death waiting, how would you then approach life knowing how close death was waiting at the finish line..

Yet, 3,339.

the number of miles he had ran in 143 days’ time…. with an amputated leg.
Before he had left the hospital a kid he had seen,
had unfortunately never awoken from his perpetual dream,
but Fox, not like many, chose to swim against the current, swimming upstream,
making what he felt needed to be done go mainstream’.
So he ran a marathon a day for 143 days, to raise awareness for the Canadian cancer society. He ended up raising over a million dollars and to this day, because of him, millions more.
Terry Fox died at 23 with two tumors in his lungs. 23 years old, an amputated leg and he had both the impact and did what he did. I looked at this story and as I wept towards the end, I reevaluated my own life, and wondered if the time I have had has been well spent?