How the “Ecosystem” Makes a Difference - and, gracias, Devin!

I’m getting sick of the word. Ecosystem here, ecosystem there, ecosystem everywhere! But I’ll come to peace, because it matters. Today the ecosystem was great!

Devin is a nice guy from Texas who has a startup, GroupRaise. He is here checking out Puerto Rico. Devon came to San Juan because he knows Sebastian Vidal, PR’s new Startup Ecosystem Champion. Devin tagged along to a Founders Institute activity on Tuesday at Piloto 151. We met but before I could hear about what he does, we got interrupted by the start of the activity.

So, the ecosystem created a collision, but not a connection.

On Thursday, I ran into Devin again as I was leaving our Spotery office in the space that is granted to us by the PR Science & Technology Trust. P18's offices are also there. Devin was with Sebastian, leaving at the same time. Another collision - we talked on the way to our cars. Just a couple of minutes to realize that there are a lot of similarities in what we do. We agreed to meet today, Friday.

We spent half an hour together and the ecosystem nurtured my knowledge. From those thirty minutes together, Spotery “accelerated”.

Devin’s company has similarities to Spotery in how we need to grow. He took GroupRaise from an idea to a growing company that does something good - he connects restaurants with organizations needing to do fundraising. His approach is super smart and working (and hopefully soon coming to PR!).

In thirty minutes, he shared great things he had learned, mistakes he had made and tools he has found. Not inspiration - really useful stuff on specific things about our startups. I wrote three pages of notes to remember and share all the helpful material. He was very generous with the things he has figured out. I will need to make plenty of mistakes to learn from, but today I can check off a few of those learnings thanks to Devin sharing his experience.

That is the ecosystem. A valuable relationship created by shared connections in spaces we all frequent. All right here in Puerto Rico :)

Thank you Devin. Thank you Sebastian. Thank you Piloto 151. Thank you Founders Institute. Thank you PR Science & Technology Trust.

I love you, Ecosystem ;)