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Is Antifa trying to look like the Foot Clan from Ninja Turtles on purpose? You guys do know those were the bad guys right?

Yeah they know they’re the bad guys:

Antifa Assaults Journalist

Journalist Andy Ngo was assaulted by Antifa at a demonstration in Portland Saturday. He’s now in the hospital with brain swelling and burns on his face from quick dry cement.

The bogus description on the YouTube page for the video above, uploaded by the Oregonian, by the way, says:

“Rival demonstrators clashed Saturday afternoon in downtown Portland, resulting in myriad injuries and three arrests. Police said three of the injured people received medical care at area hospitals. Among the people injured over the course of the afternoon was Andy Ngo, the conservative writer who appeared to be attacked by antifa members.”

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Trump’s jingoists bandy about the term “illegal immigrant” with glee.

But let’s talk about this illegal government. How many of its own laws, established in its charter document, the Constitution, is our federal government actively breaking with near total impunity right now?

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It is easy to tend toward hyperbole and absolutism, but these things make us weak, though they tempt us with the appearance of strength.

Who would exalt himself is humbled, and who humbles himself is exalted. Practice saying: “It seems to me at the moment…”

Thus speaks the Humble Libertarian.

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