Cole capitalism

J.Cole had a interview on a radio show, and basically he broke down his view on capitalism and how it works. the world teaches every person that its every man for himself, and what you are working for is for you and no one else, for me to be at the top someone has to be at the bottom. the pros of this is the person on top doesn’t have to worry that much about eating and that could be you, and the cons of it is that you can be the person on the bottom living from pay check to pay check and wondering how you gone eat your next meal. An example of this is: the regular employee that works at Mcdonalds makes 7.50 an hour

Is being Rich and Wealthy the same thing ? Paul graham talks about being wealthy in a article, and he proves a point on being rich and wealthy. Rich is having a great deal of money or assets. Wealthy is having a great deal of money, resources, or assets. he explained how they are diffirent that you dont have to have money to be wealthy the resourceses you have can make you wealthy for ExampleChris Brown is a celebrity that is famous, and just because of who he is he can almost walk into any store and get anything he wants for free becuase of his fame.

project vision is a project we are working on to better our community. trying to motivate kids and even some of the adults to try and make the stop 6 area a better place. the pros for this project is to give people opportunities that they never had like sign up for college prep courses, and getting them ready for jobs. the cons is you will have some people that will use this just to hang out instead on bettering their lifes.

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