Why Israel Matters to America
Mike Huckabee

Huckabee’s support for Israeli racism, terrorism, colonialism, mass murder, ethnic cleansing and apartheid is consistent with all his other anti-Christian stances. Here are some easily verified and unambiguous facts about the Jewish state that Huckabee glosses over and outright lies about:

  • Israel was created by European Jews who colonized Palestine, a land that had been overwhelmingly non-Jewish for two thousand years, through a decade-plus campaign of savage terrorism — blowing up bombs in crowded buses, markets and cafes, assassinating diplomats and conducting letter-bomb campaigns,
  • Israel meets every single one of the criteria in the legal definition of apartheid, including miscegenation laws.
  • Immediately after Israel signed the UN charter in 1948 in which is agreed to honor the human rights of the native Palestinian population it launched it’s first well-planned ethnic cleansing campaign, Plan Dalet, and forced 750,000 defenseless, native Palestinian fathers, mothers and children from their homes in the new Jewish state at gunpoint, executing anyone who couldn’t or wouldn’t flee, raping women, throwing bombs into occupied Palestinian homes and massacring entire villages. 20% of those refugees were Christians.
  • Today there are over 5 million registered Christian and Muslim refugees from Israeli racist terror and ethnic cleansing campaigns.
  • In the history of rocket and mortar attacks from Gaza there have been fewer than 45 Israeli deaths while in just a few weeks in 2014 the Israelis murdered more than 500 Palestinian children in Gaza. In fact, Israel has been murdering an average of another Palestinian child every three days for over 15 years.
  • Without exception, every single human rights organization in the world that monitors the conflict, including the UN and some excellent Israeli ones all report that the Israelis are subjecting the defenseless, native Palestinian population in Gaza, East Jerusalem and the West Bank to systematic, violent racist oppression daily

And Huckabee supports all of those crimes against humanity.

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