The Obama Administration Needs to Stop Blaming Israel for Palestinian Terror
Marco Rubio

Rubio is a lying, sniveling racist creep. Israel was created by European Jews through a decade-plus-long campaign of savage terrorism, blowing up bombs in crowded buses, markets and cafes. Israel is the only state in the world that meets every one of the criteria in the legal definition of apartheid including a miscegenation law. In the history of rocket and mortar attacks from Gaza fewer than 45 Israelis have been killed while in just a few weeks in 2014 the Israelis murdered more than 500 children in Gaza. Without exception, every single human rights organization in the world that monitors the conflict, including the UN and some excellent Israeli ones all report that Israel is subjecting the defenseless, native Palestinian population in East Jerusalem, Gaza and the West Bank to systematic, violent racist oppression daily. There are more than 5 million registered refugees from Israeli racist terror and ethnic cleansing campaigns.

That’s zionist terrorism, zionist racism, zionist colonialism, zionist ethnic cleansing campaigns and apartheid, and Rubio supports it. The very definition of a morally bankrupt creep.

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