White Male Protagonist…Groundbreaking.

If you were considering paying money to see Stonewall this weekend, use that money to donate to a charitable cause that helps LGBTQA causes instead.

Hollywood shouldn’t make money off of misrepresenting historical narratives by watering down pivotal movements and replacing real life queer figures of color with fictional white characters to play it safe for a broader audience.

And the production notes described the main character as “straight-acting.” Please. You can’t say you support gay rights but still promote homophobic ideals like that, suggesting that there is a right or wrong way to be gay.

We have already been served Will & Grace, Looking, and Modern Family a million times. There is more to be told. If Milk can do it about a single person, then Stonewall could be told in a more responsible and inclusive manner.

People of color exist and start movements, and the impetus of the riots came from a trans black woman, and dancing around these facts is childish and an insult to the intelligence of anyone under the queer spectrum who understands the narrative of LGBTQA rights and the denial of them throughout history, especially to people of color.

…or use that money to buy the new Disclosure album because it’s fire.

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