Immovable Objects Strike Again

There are few times in this world when life changing events present themselves. This saturday morning started off like most. The kids woke up about 0630–07ish, Dania’s snoozing away and I roll out of bed looking like Jack Nicholson from the Shining. I make my wake downstairs and made breakfast while guarding the bacon from the hoard. Meanwhile Dania makes her way downstairs to the living room and everyone is commenting about the smoke in the house due to the packs of bacon being cooked to feed the team. So I finish eating and am making my way to the living room with my fresh cup of brew just loving life when I realized that the living room is also slightly smokey. I head towards the windows in order to air out the room when a life altering pain explodes into my left knee.

I have never hit my knee cap on the corner of any coffee table as hard as I did this morning. For a little perspective. I cut and headed toward the window like Earl Campbell breaking arm tackles. The pain was so intense that I will never guess about the amount of pain that mobsters inflict upon their victims by taking out their knees with single pistol shots.

I had to implement lifesaving shock prevention treatment methods because I felt myself being drawn toward the “light”. Meanwhile the kids are laughing uncontrollably and Dania’s calling me names that would not be mistaken as affectionate terms.

I will never underestimate nor take for granted something so simple as the position of the coffee table in the living room. I will be making wide turns with the utmost caution. I have even considered removing such a dangerous obstacle from the house much like people who remove guns from their houses when they have little kids.

I just wanted to share this experience with friends and family. On a side note, like a true Dad and boss, I didn’t spill any coffee.

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