“Unlimited” Books for Reading

Amazon Kindle Unlimited, “Unlimited Reading. Unlimited Listening. Any Device.” Okay I’m sold. Bought the longest subscription option — 2 years — feeling sublime thinking that I will be reading whatever books come across.

Then next morning, got an email from Amazon about a recommended kindle book — The Hard Things Abouth Hard Things. Checked, no, it’s not included in Kindle Unlimited. Sorry. Quickly looked at other books in the same email — Featured List, Editor’s Pick, Best Seller… No, NONE of them are included in Kindle Unlimited.

Why Amazon, why… Just paid couple hundred bucks and you have to rub it in? Why not simply recommend me some books that are included in the Kindle Unlimited subscription, and make me keep feeling good having paid for 2 year subscription?

Frankly speaking, with scanning the fine print on Kindle Unlimited, I was aware that there are many books not included. But why would Amazon keep recommending books not in the Kindle Unlimited, emphasizing the worthlessness of having the subscription? Without maximizing the value of what a customer already purchase (the Kindle Unlimited), why would the customer spend more money to by other Kindle books?

If you happen to know the Product Manager for Kindle Unlimited, please forward this to him/her. It is my wish for Amazon to continue doing well.

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