Inktober day 1

Y’all have probably heard of #Inktober and I know inktober is probably for the visual arts (I think) but I’m gonna try and write a piece errday per prompt.

So here’s for the first prompt “fast”

The rhythm 
of heartbeats 
adjacent, against 
the parallel bodies 
moving in pace; 
fast and gaining 
friction and heat 
fogging up the windows.

The taste 
of rubber 
-it's not hot 
but I love the way you go down. 
Fast, eager, and hungry 
like you couldn't wait. 
Nor could I have

so we ignore the red lights 
but not quite 
(the lights intensify 
our bodies coveted in 
sweat and urgency)
so we step on the gas 
and we made whole 
a puzzle that perfectly fits 
in sweat
and the glory 
of sex.

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