Stop lying to yourself and others. Get in touch with reality. Identify what’s true.

The best way to make decisions is to…have the most accurate data, or the truth, as much as possible to make the most informed decisions.

So often we live in a fake reality, we live in…

I’m a huge fan of Ray Dali’s work. He put together a beautiful way to easily understand how our economics work. This summarizes so much what I’ve learned, over a long time, in such a short and succinct manner. A must view.

A few people have started sending me questions. I thought it may be best to share my responses with everyone. If you have any of your own questions, feel free to post them in the comments, and I promise to reply.

“What are your favorite 2–3 instructional books or resources…

When we invest, if we’re always required to put and keep our capital in the deal, it can become difficult to grow our wealth quickly. Simply because, you’ll always be constraint by how much capital you have to grow.

Invest $100 into a deal, and have it be worth $200…

Diversifying your investments has pros and cons. It’s fairly clear, most everyone understands the pros, and why you do it. Most financial planners will generally say… diversify, diversify, diversify, but generally speaking, they’re not rich, because wide diversification usually doesn’t make people rich. …

As time progress, asset values continue increase or decrease, and new cash, for future investments is continually added to your portfolio. It’s a good idea to consider rebalancing your portfolio, changing your asset allocation if necessary.

Let’s use the stock market, and a stock brokerage account for example. …

You’ve heard the saying, “Cash is King.”

I want you to consider that “Cashflow is King.”

First, let me acknowledge cash. The term cash is king, obviously is still incredibly important. You want to have cash. You want to be able to do deals, and purchase them with cash if…

One way to be more focused, is to remove distractions.

For Mac users, the simplest and most effective way to do this, is by enabling the “Do Not Disturb” feature, and hide your dock.

Using these 2 features, you will have a fully focused productive work space. You won’t have any notifications occuring, and you won’t have any red badge notifications appearing in your dock. Which happens every time someone messages you.

The latest MacBook Pro updates make this even easier to achieve with their touchbar. You can add a “Do Not Disturb” button right to your keyboard.

Instantly turn this on, and start your productive, distraction free day.


PS: This only really works great if you don’t have to speak to anyone for awhile.

Unrealized gains are one of the most powerful tools in becoming rich, and it is one of the reason why some some never pay any taxes. It’s the reason that some investors, can continually compound all of the money they have invested, unlike most, who pay taxes and start the…

It’s no surprise that many of the greatest investors are or were at once great entrepreneurs. Because as investors, generally, most often, if not basically always, you’re investing into businesses, enterprises and capital markets. The better you understand business, the better you’ll know what a great business is, and what a great investment is.

This is not to say, you have to be an entrepreneur to be a great investor. However, being an entrepreneur and understanding how to build a business, will help you greatly as you choose which businesses to invest in.

Wes Mahler

Passionate about helping others realize their full potential and becoming financially free.

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