Wes Mahler
Dec 7, 2019 · 2 min read

Crazy, Normal, or Extraordinary

I’m walking down the street on a typical day. Someone is out in the street yelling, and talking out loud. Non stop. No one is really paying much attention, but they are sure into their thoughts. Most people would consider this person a “crazy” person.

Although there are of course main differences between a normal and crazy person, one of them is clear to me. In the case of the “crazy” they may tend to speak exactly what’s on their mind, without filters. It’s just a direct output of whatever their thinking.

I can’t speak for you, but I’m human, and myself, I have like many my own versions of crazy thoughts from time to time. Our minds are constantly thinking, it never stops. If I was to constantly say those out loud, I’m convinced I’d categorize me as being crazy myself.

So maybe someone who is normal, could be considered as someone who isn’t quick to react and say whatever is on their mind, they actually stop to think about doing or saying something. Making all the difference, does it actually make emotional and logical sense to do such an action?

I wanted to categorize the normal as “sane”, but I actually think what most human behavior that people consider normal, or the norm, aren’t great qualities or behaviors and I wouldn’t want to operate my life having the normal skills, lifestyle, or communication as others. I think we can strive for so much more. So in some ways, what’s considers normal, I sometimes think is insane. The way what normal behaviors have been to most…

How can we strive for more? I believe that’s when we strive to be extraordinary, unusual and remarkable, ideally in a positive way. It seems clear to me that the major difference between normal and extraordinary is a disciplined self thought, reflection and continued improvement. As it’s not just enough to pause and think for a moment before doing something. It’s actually to take all those crazy thoughts we all have, write them down, log them, journal them, capture them some how, analysis them and determine the best route forward. Identifying patterns, fixing bad behaviors, and actually really being aware of what’s going on. Then sharing them with others , getting feedback and looking to improve. If one is to do this, and create life principles for themselves and their life based on all experiences and crazy thoughts or stories they come up in their head, identify the truth and ways to empower themself to deal with actual reality, then those people have the chance to create an extraorindary life for themselves.

This is obviously one simplistic way to look at everything. But when I see the people talking without filtering, loudly in the streets, I thought about this.

As we experience triggered emotional or intellectual thought? Are we responding “crazy”, “normal” or, in an “extraordinary” way?

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