Day 15: Where’s the rum gone?

Rough day as I had to take the minion home from day care with a fever. Ended up running him to the pediatrician when he complained of headache, earache, tummy ache. Doctor’s diagnosis: Definitely a fever, but no obvious problems with head, ears, or stomach. Might be roseola, the doctor said. That means fever for a few days before JM breaks out in a harmless rash.

Really want a cake right now.

Breakfast: Protein shake.

Lunch: Rosemary salmon salad (mixed greens, tomatoes). Bottled water.

Snack: Walnuts.

Dinner: Pork and vegetable kebabs, quinoa. Sliced apples for dessert. Bottled water.

Got about 8,000 steps on Fitbit. Down a pound.

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