Wessam Bou-Assaly — 3 Important Facts about Neuroradiology

Neuroradiology, a subspecialty of radiology, diagnoses a certain set of illness, injuries, and diseases. Doctor Wessam Bou-Assaly is a radiologist who specializes in neuroradiology and nuclear medicine. He is highly skilled in his field and has been working in neuroradiology for several years. He is dedicated to his profession and works among several other talented medical professionals. There are several important things about this field that everyone should know.

In order to practice neuroradiology, doctors have to go through an extensive amount of training. These doctors not only have to complete their medical degrees and their residencies, but they also have to join a neuroradiology fellowship program. They go through several years of training so that they are able to accurately create images of the brain, head, spine, and neck and detect any abnormalities.

Another important fact everyone should know about neuroradiology is that it focuses on the head, brain, neck, and spine. Radiologists who are in this field use imaging to look for abnormalities in the brain. They also look for injuries in the head, neck, and the spine.

It is also important to know what type of equipment these doctors use. Radiologists who specialize in neuroradiology often use computed tomography (CT) scanners as well as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) machines. They are trained on these machines and are able to use them to diagnose and treat their patients. Doctor Wessam Bou-Assaly is a radiologist who studied hard to work in neuroradiology. He is a skilled physician who is dedicated to his patients.