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Photo by Ian Schneider on Unsplash

3 years ago, I went with my friend to a gaming event in Berlin where loads of new games were being presented and where startups announced new projects and job opportunities.

The problem was most of the job offers were for designers, game developers, or sound engineers while I and my friend were from a managerial background.

Who would give to 2 freshly graduated students the top position without any previous experience?

Around 4 hours later, when the presentations were over, I asked my friend if we should get in line to try getting an interview or a job.


Kell´s secret for virality

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If you missed the incredible ascension of Colson Baker alias MGK, you either not watching TV, Youtube, or the radio.

Indeed, the US rapper was everywhere: From the infamous clash with Eminem to collaborating with stars like Travis Barker, Marilyn Manson, or Jack Harlow.

One questions remain: was it all coincidences or a genius marketing move?

Let´s get to the bottom of this as we will try to learn from the artist

1.Create your own audience

MGK started his career as a metal singer but was fast fascinated with being a rapper.

To be honest, the US rapper was not the pioneer of this…

What happens to your account when you buy followers

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Photo by Joël Super from Pexels

I´m sure that you heard all kinds of stories about this…

If you are still struggling to grow an audience over the platform than you are probably one of 500 million users that are trying to make it.

But the harsh truth is with the decrease in Instagram’s organic reach and engagement, it became really hard to stand out from the crowd.

Of course, there are ways to fight this out as I list them in this article.

For now, let´s focus on the matter at hand, and get to the bottom of our problem: Is buying Instagram followers a…

How I finally decided to dedicate myself to be a full-time writer, freelancer, and podcaster

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Photo by Vlad Chețan from Pexels

Back in March, when the lockdown started, and like most of us, I found myself facing multiple choices: Either stay in Berlin and find a job, or changing my path to become a full-time nomad author and freelancer.

To be honest the first weeks, I didn´t do much of thinking or execution.

Instead, I purchased 7 different games of the ´Assasin´s Creed´ franchise. I spent 2 weeks wandering in those different words and historical cities.

But, when it was over, a couple of things were clear:

First I wasn´t much into gaming anymore and second, confinement made me realize that…

Content creator´s new best friend

If we had to select a prize winner of a company that succeeded the most during COVID 19, I would probably say it´s zoom. The new online communication platform is booming with online classes, meetings, and regular calls.

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It didn´t take long for content creators to find creative ways to utilize the platform.

Here the best concepts I found over the internet that can help your personal or company branding.

1. Podcasts

Probably the most obvious one, but let me navigate you through it a bit so you can get the most out of it:

  • Record your voice locally: Due to third…

Giving privacy back to users

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It´s been a long time since a serious player didn´t show on my radar.

The last time I shared with you about the blockchain-based social media Minds. Madlipz since then managed to gain some traction but still didn´t show encouraging signs.

Doing my usual research today, I stumbled upon a severe new player that is aiming to break all the pre-established barriers we thought possible.

Indeed, MeWe is targeting one of the biggest issues within social media platforms now: Privacy

With current social media sites being crowded with advertisements, social quizzes, and just general clutter, this app puts the users…

A clever way to generate passive income

Many people have the desire to generate income online but lack technical skills or a portfolio to do so.

Yet, there are still ways for them to having decent revenue.

One of them is job-matching, which consisting of matching offer and demand.

Now this no magical solution as you can see, but I´m going to explain to you how you can start earning money.

Specialize in one domain

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Photo de Gratisography provenant de Pexels

To maximize your chances and cut down on extra work that may be needed, focus your efforts on one particular field.

To make it even more interesting, link this field to one particular set of skills.

My third month on the platform is intriguing

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Photo de Pixabay provenant de Pexels

Last month for a couple of reasons I had to stop writing for a bit.

First, I thought I was leaving Berlin before the crisis to start wandering around the world.

Second, I wrote every day without a concrete plan when I started that sometimes I wasn't efficient anymore.

Finally, around the 15th of last month when I realized that I was generating money, I made it an experience to see how much would it actually bring.

Let me tell you now how I managed to generate that money

1- Consistency is key

I can´t emphasize it enough, writing on a regular base will…

Difficult times call for innovative solutions

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Photo de Shukhrat Umarov Pexels

With everyone turning to digital marketing during this crisis, competition became fierce and what would have worked in normal times now is failing.

But fear not, there is always something else to be done.

Due to the long hours I had on my hand these last weeks, I started experimenting with new ways to market myself and my clients. Somewhere horrific, and others proved to be amazing moves that can be replicated.

Here are for you 4 creatives ideas to improve your sales and boost your brand notoriety

Produce a song

I always had this idea in my head.

I tested it first…

The Canadian rapper made genius marketing move

During this confinement, we have seen many creatives and artists producing more content and using this time to increase their brand awareness.

Lives, collaborations, and jams can be found daily on every platform. To be honest I´m in love with the rise of this creative class.

One platform, in particular, has been booming for musicians this last period: Tiktok.

The opportunity of uploading a song and it becoming viral is one the fastest and cheapest ways to promote their art. …

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