Crooks & Castles Cocaine & Caviar

Crooks & Castles Cocaine & Caviar has landed.

The latest drop of Cocaine & Caviar Tee’s and Long Sleeve Shirts has just landed and they are lookin’ the business.

Crooks & Castles gear always looks tough, but the Cocaine & Caviar range takes it that one step further with these high impact prints. They’re bold and they make a statement — don’t f*ck with the mans Cocaine & Caviar.

Crooks & Castles Cocaine Long Sleeve Tee — White

Crooks & Castles began in California back in 2002. The co-creators Dennis Calvero and Robert Panlilio were inspired from growing up in the Los Angeles suburbs in the 1980’s and 90’s. The idea is simple — Crooks — ie thieves, pimps, gangsters & hustlers. Castles meaning those who got rich by stealing. West Brothers always stock the latest gear from Crooks & Castles, so keep your eyes on our latest arrivals!

The ever popular Cocaine & Caviar capsule is seen as a representation of poorer classes moving drugs and earning a luxury lifestyle of goodies, such as caviar in this crooked society, taking the interest of dreamers who wish for a rise from rags to riches, as the old cliché goes. This range is always a best seller so first in, best dressed!

Crooks & Castles Triple C’s Long Sleeve Tee — White

Crooks & Castles Cocaine Long Sleeve Tee — True Red

It doesn’t get much tighter than this bad boy, classic Crooks & Castles logo with a big fat COCAINE right across the chest. This Tee is hard as.

Crooks & Castles Triple C’s Long Sleeve Tee in Black

A little bit’ve class mixed with some bad boy style, the Triple C’s Long Sleeve Tee is the real deal.

Crooks & Castles Cocaine Long Sleeve Tee in Black

Hard AF, the Cocaine Long Sleeve Tee in Black is one hard lookin piece of street gear. Don’t be disappointed when these are all gone.

Crooks & Castles Cocaine & Caviar Long Sleeve Tee in Black

Puff that chest while stompin’ around in this bad boy, this Cocaine & Caviar Long Sleeve Tee is the real OG.

Crooks & Castles Triple C’s Tee in White

Crooks & Castles Cocaine Tee — White

Say hello to our little friend, the Crooks & Castles Cocaine Tee in White.

And this is just a taste, every design is available in short and long sleeve in a set of black and white and some red colorways, so you can rock the Cocaine & Caviar brand any time of the year.

Seriously, don’t miss out, shop the Crooks & Castles range HERE.

West Brothers and Crooks & Castles have your streetwear needs covered, get involved and shop the full range HERE.