4 Dos During Your First Visit to Lhasa

There are numerous tourist places you will come across during overland tours from China. One such traveller’s heaven is Lhasa which is a popular attraction in Tibet.Lhasa offers scenic beauty that as a traveller you always dream of visiting. The destination has emerged as a tourist hub in the past few years due to growing number of visitors. If you have chosen it to be the next stopover on your overland trips, here are the things you shouldn’t miss for getting more authentic experience in Lhasa.

Check out the 4 dos during your first visit to Lhasa for a more enthralling experience.

1. Take a Blissful Walk in Koras

Lhasa is a place to be for a visitor that’s full of kora and is prime destination included in China overland tours. Don’t know what kora is? It is the hiking trails around sacred sites. They could be in a temple or monastery where visitors circumambulate to offer prayers or do meditation.It’s a unique experience for a traveller that lets them mingle with the local Tibetans and see their culture. Circumambulatingin a clockwise direction around those holy places gives you another perspective of Buddhist culture.

2. Do Check Out the Tromsikhang

Love enjoying every bite of authentic food? Tromsikhang gives you an exciting opportunity to enjoy street side delights of Tibet on China overland tours. Tromsikhang is a free-wheeling outdoor market. It’s loaded with authentic food of Tibet to give you delicious surprise while you put your first step on this divine land.Enjoy butter extracted from the yak milk that might be something new for you.

3. Visit Ramoche Temple

Pay a visit to Ramoche Temple which is historically a significant place situated in Jokhang. Ramoche’s main image depicts Buddha Shakyamuni and is the main attraction of Lhasa that attracts thousands of visitors interested in digging out the historical past of the place.

4. Don’t Miss to Visit Tsepak Lhakhang

Looking to visit one of the Lhasa’s hidden gems? It’s Tsepak Lhakhang which is worth your visit. Its proximity to Ramoche Temple drives a lot of tourists to its doorway. Its central image includes Jampa and Sakyamuni. There are a plenty of things to do here including circumambulatingin a kora path. Thousands of pilgrims visit this sacred place every year.

Altogether, visiting Lhasa on China overland tours is a lovely experience you can’t afford to miss. From cultural to historical, the tour to Lhasa is spiced up with everything that fancies a tourist. Take a ride to Lhasa and enjoy the scenic views blessed with nature’s beauty.