Andrew Harrison
Nov 29 · 4 min read

As the world is moving faster, technology changing every two or three years, there is a lot of progress, we can see the progress in the car dealerships as well. Car Dealerships have transformed with the world to remain in the market. And this is a major step all industries should follow to sustain in the market.

Everything is being automated these days. So workshop software is used mostly in the automotive industries. From integrations to desking, from management to different solutions, it is trying to reach to a place where the world has already move from. Still, efforts never waste. This trend in the automotive industry is good enough to capture the market.

Gone are the days where people tend to wait in a queue to resolve their queries or get their automotive repaired with all the details required. Now with the help of CRM, customers can fill their forms or contact the service people directly via emails or phone calls.

Customer Relationship Management or CRM helps in the entire management of the customers, right from their data to their queries. Just a single click and the information is available to you. You really need not go anywhere or to hustle in between the stack of files. A CRM is all you need.

A CRM has the following features which make your Dealership a better experience:

Call Management and Web Analyzer

To stay connected with customers and to make them aware of the latest updates, call management services are essential. It provides fully secure call management and web analyzer facilities. In some cases, the call is recorded too for security purposes. The web analyzers help in restraining the data and keep it safe.


Desking is a quick way of displaying presentations regarding future plans or about previous projects. It makes sure these presentations are done accurately and assists the customers for further development. There is also a system made entirely for the purpose of desking, Desking Management System.


Analytics are statistical data collected from the progress of a business from one period to the other. This is done systematically and in a computerized manner to support the customers. It assures accurate analytics so as to maintain the website faults and restores everything in case any error occurs.

Internet Lead Management

Lead management is necessary for capturing and managing leads. This directly impacts the sales of the business. The internet lead management helps them to track the buying behavior and slowly upgrade to the sales front which is then handled by the sales team for better results.

Sales Management

A business firm should work constantly to achieve or surpass sales targets and in a consistent manner. This only decides the success and development of any automotive dealerships or any business. So, it helps clients to achieve their sales targets with the help of superb sales management services.

Accounting & Finance

CRM helps manage all accounting and in-house finance. This is useful for clients as they can shift their focus on other important features. All the accounting and finance can now be done in-house without any further delay in money related issues.

Payment Matrices

CRM helps to create accurate payment matrices for our clients so that they can get the choice of personalization. This helps them to understand their progress and necessary improvements to be made for further development.

Integrated Bank Programs

Integrated bank programs can help customers to speed up everyday tasks like human resources and accounts. This helps them to seamlessly integrate all investments platforms to the banks.

Route your leads

Lead routes are laid in order to improve workforce and integration. CRM allows you to route your leads quickly by using a vehicle, source, and schedule. This is a proven method to diversify lead generation.

Timely Notification

Customers feel convenient when notifications are received for every aspect of their business. So a good CRM promises to notify them about every single detail regarding their business. Notification helps your customer to get updated about everything going in your business.

Sales Console

CRM enables a dashboard system for each and every client so that they can track everything about the business. This is a wonderful tool to customize the business according to the present statistics and also compare the statistics and the data.


A business website should be user-friendly as a large part of the audience are potential mobile users. CRM helps in supporting our clients in developing a mobile-friendly online site, application and more for automobiles.


Integration of e-commerce websites such as eBay or Craigslist can help foster your sales.

These are the latest trend in Customer Relationship Management which I believe will rule the world of auto dealerships.