Secret to Getting What You Want: Show Up
Jenn Sutherland-Miller

First, a simple Amen. We practitioners of our dreams have different stories in taking the jump, the big move towards an improved or new life. Everything you said resonates with me but I would add a few more ideas that could make a difference; they did for me. First, a life-threatening event that announces to one that the window is ever closing. I had bypass surgery just in time four years ago and with that came the old cliche — a new lease on life. I’m not suggesting I wish a scary episode upon anyone but I think we are all so connected that one would have to be totally out of touch to not know of someone that has had their life cut short or dramatically reduced. When you can still see the window open, you still have the chance to jump through…even if it’s on the second floor. Second, get in shape. There’s nothing like fitness to stir the brain and confidence to make a big change. Being in control of one’s body helps build confidence to attain those other dreams. You don’t have to attain triathlete status to get going — the impetus from improved fitness alone should get the boulder moving. Third, surround yourself with information related to your dream. For us it was documentaries and blogs, like this one, to show that certain ways of life can be and are done by others… right now. We watched adventure docs and read forums and blogs describing full-timing and a life on the road, and eventually came to a point where we, too, felt confident enough to try it ourselves. And lastly, a simple plan to be put in place once the desire to jump is in place. A simple one in that it cannot account for all the obstacles and fails that will come up but one that will enable you to keep moving forward in your newfound adventure. For what is adventure without change and the unknown?

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