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I’ve read many of the whiny comments. Telling me this is why you don’t go to church (I don’t give a rat’s patoot if you ever go to church); claiming the “religious right” can never be taken seriously again (I’m not a member of the religious right, and I’m sure that nebulous group which exists only in your mind, but if that group does exist in any sense, I’m sure they don’t give a care whether you take them seriously or not). You guys are stuck on stupid. Trump’s support is not about Trump the man, it is about an Idea. It’s a movement. He’s echoed it at every rally. If Joe the Plumber, or Hugh Hefner said what Trump’s saying that’s who’d be beating Hillary today. The idea is that we’ve had enough of politicians, democrat and republican alike. The more the establishment distances themselves from Trump the man, it makes the idea more worthwhile. We do not want the establishment’s approval, they should disapprove, you (as political hacks) should disapprove, the more strongly, the better. The more the media attacks, the better. Trump’s support will grow. There’s a lot of things in this country we’ve had enough of. While WWIII is about to start, your president is working on same sex bathrooms. Hillary wants to open the borders to the point of not having borders (she’s said that). We don’t care that Trump, has at times talked the same way we do, and the same way you do; you’re the hypocrites not us. I wouldn’t vote for Hillary on a dare, she hates this country as constructed. I wouldn’t sit out and let her win by default on a dare. I wouldn’t vote third party on a dare, the stakes are just too high. The next president may pick 4 or 5 justices all 40 years old. With Hillary, that means the constitution is gone for at least 40 years. We’re tired of general lawlessness, we’re tired of seeing laziness rewarded. We’re tired of losing two generations of young people, and the loss of the third has just gotten underway. Losing them to a poor education, strong on indoctrination, weak on smarts. Once three generations are lost that’s it, there’s no getting back. The third generation is 1 year old now. But after two terms of Hillary they’ll be 9, and lost. We will be a third world country, the cities run by drug dealers and pimps and thugs, carrying on their affairs brazenly in the open. Everything will cost a fortune, life will be dangerous, and there will be no work worth having, and Hillary, she’ll still be rich and in an ivory tower insulated from the mayhem she authored, if she lives to see it. All this clearly exists now, just so you know I’m not being an alarmist. So you come remind us all you want that we’re the “family values” bunch, and tell us that we have to do what Jesus did to that woman caught in adultery, order her to be stoned, right? Telling us that to be consistent we must abandon a man for being a man. As if we need those with no moral compass to help guide us in our spiritual affairs. I keep my spiritual life and governance of the country separate. I’m not electing a pope. We have family values, in my household those values are strong. As one of the pastors said I never went with Trump because I shared his values. I went with Trump because he has a vision, and I believe the ability to Make America Great Again, and Hillary, without any shame, wants to build on and cement everything that is wrong with America.

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