Jan. 4–20, 2017:

Organizing one’s stuff is fun if one has the time. Usually, I don’t. But now I do, and there’s a little bit of joy that comes from finally going through those boxes and baskets that have piled up during the academic term(s). I can’t believe the amount of stuff that’s been squirreled away into some of these boxes. But it does feel good to chuck a lot of it into the recycling bin. Somehow, I have lost my phone. I was talking to George Dalzell one minute, and the next minute it vanished into the ether. (And it’s not in the recycle bin; I know; I checked 5 times.) I know it’s in the house somewhere, but with my departure on the horizon, I’ll have to get a “burner phone” and use it for the week I will be in LA. Can’t be in LA without a phone.

Chrissy, my saintly wife, more than intimated — she pretty much came right out and said that if I couldn’t find the tax papers and other important documents that she will need while I’m gone, that I needn’t bother returning. Mission accomplished. I think. I hope. It looks good, anyway.

One interesting result of the experiment To Go Where I Am Led is that I am finding all these important things that I need pretty much when I need them. Except the phone, of course, so far. Maybe I don’t need it. But it would be nice to have. I’ll revisit the need for a phone when I get to Korea and Japan.

The night before getting on the train to LA, the unprocessed “unnecessaries” have gone back in the boxes and been stuffed in the closets to await Round Two — which will commence in August.

The kids seem ok with me leaving. Livi is a little more sad than Boone. But I’m hoping that regular Skype sessions will help shorten the time and distance. I will definitely miss the whole family; Skype will be a huge asset. It looks like all is set for a six-month Walkabout. I’ll never leave on any trip without that nagging feeling that I’m missing something. I’ll do one last check before I leave in the morning.

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