Social Media News — Week of 2.22.16

  • There’s now a Tinder for Drone pilots
    Well, sorta. It’s called Droners and it works like Tinder in that Drone pilots can create an online profile — replete with film reels and examples of work — in the hopes that those needing expert-level and breathtaking footage will ‘swipe right’ on their contet and hire them for freelance work. The idea is pretty great actually, as drone footage is both a breathtaking and a super engaging form of content, yet also hard to execute for those who are non-experts. And now that everyone has to register their Drone with the FAA before flying; marketers are well-aware of the dangers that come along with flying before sufficient training.
  • ‘Instant Articles For All!’, Facebook Decrees.
    Launched in May of 2015, Instant Articles was a way Facebook could offer increased value to high-powered news sources by making links to content published online show up directly in a follower’s news feed with minimal distractions and hyper-quick load times. At time of initial launch; Instant Articles were available to only a dozen power-users like NBC News, Buzzfeed, and the Huffington Post. However, starting on April 12th, 2015 — just shy of a year after launch, Instant Articles will be opened up to anyone with a blog or website who wishes to promote their longer-form content on Facebook’s news feed.
Instant Articles in Action.
  • Sooo… is this Launch of ‘Instant Articles for Everyone’ good news for content creators? Perhaps. Click-through rates from Instant Articles offer good revenue for writers and publishers, almost better than Facebook Ads themselves. And social media users who once de-famed Facebook for turning into a stream of baby pics and daily gripes from friends changed their tune after the launch of Instant Articles last May, when high-quaulity content once again found a rightful home on user’s Facebook news feeds. However, these benefits only occured when the service was offered to a select few high-profile news sources. After the service is rolled out to the proletariat, will all this instant-ness just add up to a bunch of internet noise? Will users once again have to muddle through WAY too much information in order to seperate the wheat from the chaff? And what does all this social news showing up in Facebook feeds mean for the average user? i.e; your mom, who likes the platform simply for it’s ability chat with her grandkids? Only time will tell.
  • Is #Twitter10K the Future?: • In a bold and un-precedented move back in early January, Twitter Co-founder and CEO Jack Dorsey announced a potential move away fro Twitter’s restrictive 140-character limit toward an amorphous and verbose future with a 10,000 character limit. People are still perplexed and semi-outraged. You can follow along with the conversation via #Twitter10K on Twitter. Or should we refer to it now as a soon-to-be ‘Facebook Lite?’
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