What do these stones mean?

In the beginning of Joshua, as Israel passes over the Jordan into the promised land, they are commanded to have one man from each tribe take a stone from out of the riverbed as the cross and lay them in memorial to what God has done so that when their children ask, “what do these stones mean to you?” you will tell them of what God did. As we close on the spring semester and many of our college leaders went home, we had an end-of-year cookout and took some time to remember what God has done this year (so far!) because it can be so easy to forget.

First, here is a picture from that end-of-year cook out. Some leaders are missing from this picture. We currently have 28 leaders doing ministry with students here in the Western Reserve (what a picture of God’s faithfulness to kids and our prayers for more leaders!).

Guy Leaders
We have been praying all year for guy leaders specifically to fill out our teams. This spring, we placed 4 guys on teams throughout the area.
New Beginnings
WyldLife , Twinsburg, and YL College got off the ground in the last year opening up doors to reaching new students in the area.
Home-Grown Leaders
We have had our first students come out of YL clubs in our area, stay in the area, and lead here. One guy in particular began a relationship with Christ last summer as a high school senior (he had literally never read a bible or EVER been inside a church before this past year) and is now continuing to grow while serving as a WyldLife leader in the area.
40 Years of Kids’ Lives Being Impacted
Young Life celebrated its 40th year here in the area. How incredible is it that God would keep His hand on this ministry to sustain and grow it all these years — it is amazing to think of the way that God has used YL here as a part of expanding the branches of His kingdom through the generations.

August 4th
Ellsworth Meadows Golf Course | Hudson
$150 to play | $600 per foursome
Many different sponsorship opportunities available

Please visit the tournament site for information and online registration:

Please Be Praying for our camp trips
Every year we bring students to a week of summer camp. Every kid who comes to camp will have the opportunity to encounter the Jesus of the bible. Below is a picture of a recent list of names our leaders are paying though (we love praying for students by name whenever we can). Names in black are currently signed up. Names in green are students we a praying to sign up before our trips (some of these students may have already signed up since this picture was taken — Praise God for that!)

The list of students our area leaders are praying through for camp

Our High School trip is June 15–21 to Timber Wolf
Our Middle School trip is June 20–24 to Michindoh
Our Capernaum trip is Aug 7–12 to Rockbridge

Thank you for all your support of Young Life here in the area
Thanks you for your prayers. We are so grateful.

Jamie and the rest of the staff, leaders and committee for YL here in the area

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