This fall has been really fun so far. A ton of kids being met and lives already being changed in just the few short weeks since the fall started. It has blown us away to see prayer being answered. Thank you for praying for kids here in the area. It is the most significant thing we can do. We have been talking a lot about prayer as a leadership this semester. We are reminded of the disciples in Mark 9 working to bring about the miracle of healing a boy with an unclean spirit and, after many failed attempts asking Jesus why they were so unsuccessful, being told, “This kind cannot be driven out by anything but prayer.” Seeing Jesus move, especially in response to prayer, is a faith-building adventure we want to share with you and invite you deeper into. Thank you for your prayers — will you continue to pray with us?

On the left, is a picture of the Clubble from the outside and the right in the middle of club from the inside

We had our first HS club of the year as an all-area clubble (club inside a bubble). There were a ton of kids there who had a blast being kids and who all got to hear a leader share an invitation to take a look at who Jesus is. Getting to be there and see kids faces in the midst of that is the best. Thank you for making that happen by supporting and praying for Young Life in the area. Schools will be launching into their own clubs starting next week!

Dom, Briggs, and middle school girls from our first 80’s themed club!

WyldLife Club!
It is crazy to believe that WyldLife here in the area is a year old. Club started up a little over a week ago and more than 40 students showed up to a basement in Stow. As fun as club is, the best part about WyldLife (and Young Life) is leaders stepping into the lives of kids on a daily basis. It has been fun to see WyldLife impact kids — we have had our first year of WyldLife students ‘graduate’ into area HS Young Life clubs and campaigners.

On the left is our group before we jumped in cars to head to Fall Weekend and on the right is a group of students who stood up at the ‘Say So’ on Sunday — this is an opportunity for students who begin a relationship with Jesus at camp or this semester to say this (one girl was being treated by the camp EMT and isn’t in this picture)

YL College Fall Weekend
Fall Weekend was incredible. It blew the doors off of our team’s expectations. 32 students and 3 leaders headed down to Rockbridge for fall weekend. That was only the beginning. It was such a humbling experience to watch walls come down in some of these Kent State students we met a few weeks ago and some (in true YL fashion) we had barely met before we rolled out! The hearts of kids responded to Jesus in a way we even didn’t envision. Such a gift to be there. Thank you for praying for YL College as we meet and get to impact the lives of students as such a critical point in their lives.

Please be praying with us for:
 — Area clubs starting up next week and kids hearing about Jesus!
 — Leaders bold pursuit of meeting new students
 — Area campaigner groups (that God would move in kids powerfully)
 — MORE LEADERS! We need more laborers for the huge harvest we see
 — Our upcoming HS Fall Weekend in November (75–100 kids!)
 — God pouring into the hearts of the 13 Kent State YL College students who stood up saying they stepped into a relationship with Him this past weekend
 — Our fall YL Banquet (Nov. 5) which supports Young Life allowing staff to focus on pouring into kids and leaders


We have received a generous matching opportunity of up to $2,000 to help us end our current fiscal year strong and head into the fall with a stronger foundation. If you have never financially supported Young Life here in the area, would you consider making a donation to impact kids? If you have given before, thank you so much — would you consider making an above-and-beyond gift for the end of this fiscal year knowing that every dollar of your gift will be matched and double in support? We are so thankful for all your support and prayer.

Below is a link for giving (please know you can change the preset giving amount)

Please click hear for fiscal year-end matching gifts! Thank you!
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