Rafotech, Fireball Virus Culprits Caught

According to recent reports, nine hackers involved in the development of the “Fireball” malware have been arrested in China.

The Fireball virus generated fake clicks and traffic to targeted websites within infected systems. The virus utilized Rafotech’s legitimate software to infiltrate systems of unsuspecting users. When users installed Rafotech’s software, the virus was also installed and then prompted users to download additional harmful software.

Reports state that the hackers involved were affiliated with the Beijing digital marketing company, Rafotech. The company utilized a hacking division within the company infrastructure to generate almost 12 million USD.

The virus was said to have reached an alarming 250 million computers worldwide. To put this into perspective, 250 million computers accounts for approximately 20% of all corporate networks. Reports state that the virus likely spread through spam, as well as alternative programs installed in the device such as cracked or pirated applications.

How they Were Caught

A local security researcher was able to analyze Fireball’s transmission and isolate malicious code in Rafotech’s freeware. Through this, he was able to obtain a substantial amount of evidence that Trafotech had been intentionally distributing malware as well as isolate the individuals in the company responsible for the production and distribution of the virus.

The gravity of the Fireball virus is evident in the amount of affected users, and the degree of user privacy that was invaded throughout the processes. Computer viruses cause systems to be dangerous to use and often time require a certain degree of expertise in the industry to properly remove.

If you feel your system has been infected by harmful malware, it is crucial that you bring your system into your local computer repair shop to have your system undergo professional virus removal. In situations where the system is too corrupted, computer repair shops also offer a wide range of data recovery options to restore your system back to a healthy state with all your important files in tact.