Top 15 ICO Listing Websites

Aug 7, 2018 · 9 min read

Are you searching for the best ICO listing websites to submit your upcoming ICO?

ICO listing websites provide a unique service of listing ICOs complete with all the useful information about each campaign. Investors searching for the best ICOs to invest in often browse these sites to identify lucrative opportunities. It would be hard for an investor to stay updated on all ICOs without visiting these sites.

So if you’re planning or you’re already holding an ICO, you’ll want to be listed on multiple ICO listing websites.

However, the problem is in knowing which website is worth the trouble and investment of listing your ICO. You want a site that attracts investors interested in ICOs.

To help you find the best ICO listing sites, we did all the necessary research and came up with the following list of 15 top ICO listing websites.

1. ICOWebList

ICOWebList tops our list of ICO listing sites for a number of reasons. The website provides the top ICO ratings based on expert analysis by qualified professionals. It provides filtered lists to help you find all the relevant information easier and faster. They have popular categories, listings ending soon, and latest added ICOs. There’s an easy to use request section where users can submit their ICOs which will later be added to the appropriate list after verification.

The site has an accurate ranking system. Each ICO is rated on a scale of 1 to 5 based on a case-by-case assessment with a focus on the coin’s sector growth potential, regional regulatory, competition, and much more. They also provide other premium listings such as Bronze, Silver, and Gold. You can easily submit your ICO on ICO Web List and get approved and reviewed in minutes.

2. ICOBench

ICOBench is an ICO listing website that claims to provide investors with smart investment options. The website features top ICO ratings by leading investors and experts in the field. They have filtered categories including Hot and Trending ICOs, Browse ICOs, and an ICO Calendar showing you some of the top Upcoming, Latest, and Next to End ICOs of each month. They also help you plan your ICO launch with the necessary support in each stage of your ICO launch. It’s definitely a good site to list your ICO.

3. ICOHotList

ICOHotList is another listing website worth submitting your upcoming ICO. The site is an independently curated catalog of some of the most promising ICOs. One of their best sections is the Hot shortlist which lists the most promising ICO projects. ICOHotList also maintains an ever-growing archive of past ICO projects. It’s an easy to navigate website with useful sections such as Trending and Promising ICOs. Submitting your ICO here is as simple as using their online submission form to provide all the necessary details about your ICO. They’ll evaluate your ICO based on technology, codebase, project maturity and other publicly available material, and decide if it’s worth including in their catalog.

4. CoinSchedule

Established in 2016, CoinSchedule prides itself in providing investors with the best ICO projects and investment opportunities. The site’s mission is to help users find the most promising ICOs easily. One good thing about CoinSchedule is the fact that they provide useful and transparent details on a wide range of ICOs to help users find projects with a high potential for success. They have filtered categories such as Live Token Sales, Upcoming Token Sales, and a coins schedule blog with informative articles on different ICO topics. You can even submit your existing or upcoming ICO here. Users of the site can also find information about ICO related conferences and events where you’re likely to meet the movers and shakers of the blockchain industry.

5. ListICO

ListICO is another useful go-to website for information on ongoing and upcoming ICOs. The site receives thousands of visitors including investors seeking for the best ICO investment opportunities. Their listing includes the best Pre-ICO, Ongoing, Upcoming, and Ended ICOs from all over the world. The lists are kept up to date with all the relevant information for each ICO. ListICO is definitely one of the best places to list your upcoming ICO if you want to attract the right investors.

6. ICOAlert

One unique aspect about this site is its podcast-based style of alerting users of
the best ico to invest in. It has two main sections namely My Portfolio and All Listings. In the My Portfolio section, all your pre-selected ICOs and Pre-ICOs are kept in one place, which makes it easy to find, track, and stay updated on the performance of your chosen ICOs. You must have an account or sign up for one to select, view, and generally manage your ICOs of choice.

The All Listings section provides information on all Pre-ICOs, Active, and Concluded ICOs submitted to the site. There’s even a search function to find a specific ICO you may be interested in. It’s a great website for podcast fans to discover and get alerts about the best ICOs. You can reach more investors by submitting your ICO at ICOAlert.

7. ICORating

ICORating is another popular ICO rating agency that provides investors with lists of ICO projects that have undergone independent analytical research and evaluation. The site lists a wide range of ICOs categorized by Investment Rating, Least Risky Projects, Fresh Investment Ratings, and Fresh Basic Reviews.

The site aims at developing assessment standards for ICO projects. They rate each project according to a transparent and unbiased scale that involves assessment of the project’s technical features, the strengths and weaknesses of its infrastructure, the team involved, and its business model. Their mission is to bring to the market the necessary quality standards, reliability, and transparency. If you plan to launch a high-quality ICO, this is one of the best places to have it listed.

8. ICOWatchList

This is another reliable ICO watch list site providing investors with top ICO opportunities. All the projects listed on ICOWatchList are scanned and updated on a regular basis to help investors make informed decisions. They also have sponsored listings for Gold and Silver, which however cannot be used as an indicator for the quality of an ICO.

They nevertheless have useful categories such as Live ICOs, Upcoming ICOs, and Finished ICOs. The platform provides a cocktail of cryptocurrency tokens for investors to choose. They also help entrepreneurs interested in raising capital for different stages of their ICO reach interested investors. Getting your ICO listed at ICOWatchList has the potential to propel your success considerably.

9. CoinGecko

CoinGecko is a hugely popular website for cryptocurrency traders. It’s known for collecting data and ranking a wide range of alt coins based on an in-house algorithm that determines the value of a coin compared to its peers. The site has several useful categories including Coins, ICO, Exchanges, Events, and Trending Cryptos. Their ICO section is well detailed with lists of Upcoming, Ongoing, and Ended ICOs. They have a simple submission form where you can fill all the relevant details to get your initial coin offering list on their site.

10. TopICOList

TopICOList is a good resource for investors looking for new ICOs. They feature a reliable list of ICOs curated by top internal analysts. The site has a diverse range of the best new, active, and upcoming ICOs. Investors can also get the best discounted pre-ICO opportunities simply by browsing through the listings.

Their top ICO picks are listed in appropriate categories which include the following:

· Ongoing or Active ICOs which are projects that investors can invest in straight away

· Pre-ICOs which investors can invest small amounts and fund the project’s marketing plans.

· Upcoming ICOs which are used to build a community of followers before launch.

· Airdrops which are projects whose goal is to give away free coins for a specific action such as joining the project’s social media group.

This is a great site to list your ongoing or upcoming ICO or simply build traction for a Pre-ICO.

11. ICODrops

ICODrops is an independent ICO database that follows the philosophy of a decentralized world. It’s not affiliated with any ICO project but provides useful information for investors searching for the best ICOs to invest in. They have constantly updated listings covering Upcoming ICOs, Active ICOs, and Ended ICOs. It’s a great site for anyone who wants to stay current on active and upcoming ICOs. Some of the website’s features include an ICO Calendar that includes Active, Upcoming, and Ended ICO tabs, an Interest Level rating system, and a weekly ICO plan exclusively available to their email subscribers. There’s also a submission section where you can submit your ICO to their listing.

12. ICODaily

ICO Daily was founded early in 2017 and is one of the oldest initial coin offering lists today. They provide investors with informative lists of ICO opportunities and all the relevant news to help you stay updated on Upcoming, Active, and Ended token sales every day. Their listings are updated on a daily basis. They also have a section where you can submit your ICO and have it listed on their site. You only need to fill a form on the website to get your ICO listed for free. Keep in mind they only select the most relevant and interesting ICOs for their users. Listing is free but you can choose a paid option to have your ICO listed faster.

13. CryptoCompare

Founded in early 2014 as a crypto comparison website, CryptoCompare is a London based company with offices in Germany, Portugal, Romania, and Hungary. They focus mainly on providing the most accurate real-time cryptocurrency prices, market analysis, and charting for over 65 cryptocurrencies across the world. They have a detailed ICO section that provides constantly updated information on upcoming, ongoing, and completed ICOs. You can submit your ICO to the site by filling a simple form.

14. CoinHills

CoinHills gives investors the convenience of getting all the prices of top coins in one place. They prominently focus on prices and indices of different cryptocurrencies in a user-friendly dashboard. The site is also multilingual with English, Chinese, and Korean options. They also an ICO section where you can submit your ICO project via email.

15. ICOIndex

ICOIndex provides an easy-to-use interface for transparent ICO listings. They have dedicated ICO sections including categories for Trending ICOs, Ongoing ICOs, and Upcoming ICOs. It’s a community-based project for investors searching for lucrative ICO opportunities. They also provide investors with additional tools such as the ICO aggregator and Statistics Explorer. They’ll soon be launching a Crypto Assets Investment Club for anyone interested in investing in cryptocurrencies. When you submit your ICO, it will have to go through an independent review before it’s listed on the site.


If you plan on launching an ICO or already have an ongoing ICO, you need to get it listed on most of the sites mentioned above. That’s how you connect with investors. However, listing your ICO on all the sites can be a tedious task. If you’re too lazy or occupied to list your ICO on all the top ICO listing websites, you can simply go to where all the tedious work is done for you at just a small fee.


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